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BLIPMAPTM = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening,  Meteorologist  
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Model+Day+Time:   Avail
RUC: Current  1st  Prev
RUC: 12z 15z 18z 21z 00z 03z

NAM: Current  +1   +2   -1
NAM:   18z 21z

Model Terrain Map
Actual Terrain Map
Geographic Map
Thermal Velocity & B/S Ratio
Thermal Updraft Velocity
BL Top Height (TI=0)
Critical Updraft Hgt.
Thermal Hgt. Variability
Buoyancy/Shear Ratio
BL Wind
BL Wind Speed
BL Wind Direction
BL Vertical Wind Shear
BL Max.Up/Down Motion
Cumulus Cloudbase for CuPot>0
OD Cloudbase for OD>0
Cumulus Potential
Cumulus Cloudbase
OD Potential
OD Cloudbase
BL Max. Rel. Humidity
Surface Dew Point
BL Depth
Surface Heating
Surface Temperature
NAM: Total CloudCover
NAM: Surface Sun

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DrJack sez:   (Latest 5 news items)
May 10, 2012:  RAP replaces RUC:  NCEP has replaced the RUC model with the RAP model.  I am working on making the appropriate BLIPMAP alterations, the primary focus being on needed operational changes - references to RUC in webpages which do not actually affect forecasts will likely remain for awhile.  Operational forecast problems should be reported on the BLIPMAP forum
October 11, 2011:  Continuing BLIPMAPs:  I currently plan to fund and administer BLIPMAPs indefinitely, with all BLIPMAPs remaining freely available to any registered user, but will do little, if any, further development.  To reduce costs to a sustainable level, I am planning to replace my dedicated server with a shared server and do the processing on my personal computer.  Like much else, that switchover has been pending for some time - when it eventually does occur I will alert users via these news items. . Hopefully it will go so smoothly that users will not notice any difference. 
April 1, 2010:  Free BLIPMAPs:  As of today, all BLIPMAPs will be freely available to any registered user.  I currently plan to fund and administer BLIPMAPs through at least September of 2011.  But I will do little, if any, further development.  For quite some time I have been intending to send a situation report to subscribed users, but I find that difficult to write so it has been indefinitely delayed (like much else in my life these days).  I will be changing text on the website which refers to "subscription" use, but that will take awhile. 
Oct 21:  BLIPMAP future:  Options which continue BLIPMAPs without requiring my personal time may emerge - for example, releasing my source code for others to run is a definite possibility.  I will take a six months respite, then see what possibilities have emerged.  While the planned scenario would allow me to terminate BLIPMAPs in October 2010, I would want to continue them (in "free" mode) until such time as alternate runs are available.  But the bottom line is that I must cease my active involvement with BLIPMAPs:  for the past three years, any sitting beyond 2 hours per day has been painful and whereas I was willing to accept some pain for this "labor of love" (hoping the condition was ephemeral, with some diagnosis/solution eventually being found!), I am no longer willing to program in pain and cannot spend the computer-sitting time necessary to maintain the site. 
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There are many advantages to having one person's knowledge be shared and available to others, so I expect most BLIPMAP issues to be handled through the DrJack Forum and ask those who have a question or problem or experience which could be of interest to others to post it there.  This allows others to comment on the matter if they have any personal experience and also allows any response I make to be read by others.  If you send me an email, I will respond personally only if it's nature is not appropriate for such posting - in other cases I will simply reply with a request to post to the forum. 
I only look at the webpages and maps that I use personally or that I suspect might contain an error.  If you notice a consistent problem with either, please post a message on the DrJack Forum.

Medal Heros: Thanks to John Whitney (F9) for creating this UniViewer.  I also want to personally thank those whose support is listed on the Contributors webpage.