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BLIPMAPTM = Boundary Layer Information Prediction MAP created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening,  Meteorologist  
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RUC: 12z 15z 18z 21z 00z 03z

NAM: Current  +1   +2   -1
NAM:   18z 21z

Model Terrain Map
Actual Terrain Map
Geographic Map
Thermal Velocity & B/S Ratio
Thermal Updraft Velocity
BL Top Height (TI=0)
Critical Updraft Hgt.
Thermal Hgt. Variability
Buoyancy/Shear Ratio
BL Wind
BL Wind Speed
BL Wind Direction
BL Vertical Wind Shear
BL Max.Up/Down Motion
Cumulus Cloudbase for CuPot>0
OD Cloudbase for OD>0
Cumulus Potential
Cumulus Cloudbase
OD Potential
OD Cloudbase
BL Max. Rel. Humidity
Surface Dew Point
BL Depth
Surface Heating
Surface Temperature
NAM: Total CloudCover
NAM: Surface Sun

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October 29, 2020:  November 2 DDoS Attack ? 
    I received an
ransomware demand email stating that this site will be subjected to a DDoS attack starting on November 2 if I do not pay a "ransom" of $1150.  I have no intention of paying such since this site is of no financial value to me.  I suspect the extortion warning to be a bogus, but should you experience difficult accessing the site after that date, such is likely the reason. (Nov.5 update: The email was indeed a simple scam.  More info)
July 20, 2020:  NEW SERVER: 
    You are now using the new virtual Blipmap server.  The RAP and NAM BLIPMAP forecasts are working, as is the forum - but I have checked little else.  If you find something not working, please report it on the Blipmap Forum. and I will attempt to fix it.

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