DrJack Website Privacy Policy
(Web domain "drjack.info")

Updated Sept 2, 2005

This website collects the following information:

Information normally sent by browsers, such as the IP address and the page requested, are kept in the server logs for a period of one month.  This data is used for site and forecast usage statistics and to diagnose errors that occur.

Registered users are asked to provide their name and address and information about their usage, but none of that data is verified.  Normal operation by registered users utilizes a cookie which associates each forecast request with that user information.  The forecasts requested by registered users are stored and used to for summary statistics (for example, the number of forecasts requested by subscribed vs. registered-only users) and for error analysis.  The registration cookie is named "register", is for the domain "drjack.info" (no www!), and normally persists for 2 years.  This cookie information is not shared with any other site.  Alternatively, registered users can also obtain forecast maps without needing a registration cookie by using the "Cookieless" access methods described on the Registration Information webpage, though this can be cumbersome.

This is NOT a secure site.  Cookies and the registered user database contain UserIDs and passwords which are NOT encrypted, so valuable UserIDs and passwords, such as that used for your bank, should not be utilized.  The user database is kept on the DrJack server but is not accessible via the web. 

For subscriptions, users can opt to pay via a credit card.  This is handled by the secure PayPal website.  Credit card and other information obtained by PayPal are NOT obtained or stored by the DrJack website.  Information on PayPal policies are given in the PayPal Privacy Policies webpage.

Data about individual registered users is not shared with anyone else without first asking the user for permission and explaining the reason behind the request.

Cookies are also used by the viewers to save user preferences, but they contain no personally identifiable information. 

Questions or comments about this privacy policy should be sent to: