DrJack Forecasts Legal Disclaimer

Updated Dec 12, 2006

The DrJack products are weather forecasts, not observations, intended as guidance - they are not a substitute for the pilot-in-command responsibility to assess actual conditions during a flight.  The user assumes all risk related to use of these forecasts. 

Questions or comments about this Legal Disclaimer should be sent to:

About this disclaimer:  I was advised to add this disclaimer by a friend who is in the operational weather providing business, and seconded by my brother the lawyer.  This requirement seems silly and asinine to me since it should be already self-evident, but it would be sillier for me to take on unnecessary risk while trying to help others by providing a public service.  I personally resisted implementing this procedure until realizing my advisors were likely more knowledgeable about these circumstances than I.  And I may have been too naive since there have been a few individuals who have chosen not to acknowledge this waiver - they may indeed feel they do have a right to sue me if a forecast is incorrect, in which case I want nothing more to do with them.  So I am not allowing registrations from anyone who has not acknowledged the waiver.