Browser Cookie Settings
Firefox 1.0-1.5
May 2006

At present this page considers cookie settings only for the Firefox browser since that is the only one with which I am familiar.  If someone provides me with a similar description for another browser, I will include it here. 

Cookie settings are found on the "Edit" pull-down menu at the "Preferences" selection, then selecting the "Privacy" option and expanding the "Cookies" selection.  The following choices are found: 

    ()   A button to "Clear" all cookies (dangerous!).  Clicking this will delete all existing cookies in the browser, requiring a new cookie to be obtained for all sites, including DrJack cookies. 

    ()   A checkbox to "Allow sites to set cookies".  If this is not checked, no cookies will be saved (except for the "Exceptions" - see below).  Obviously this needs to be selected (or an "Exception" made) for a DrJack cookie to be saved. 

    ()   Under the above, if cookie-setting is "allowed", that can be automatically restricted to be "for the originating web site only".  DrJack cookies will work fine with this option selected (which is the more restrictive choice).

    ()   The "Keep Cookies" selection allows the expiration date of any saved cookies to be "until they expire" or "until I close Firefox" or "ask me every time"  In the first case the expiration date is determined by the website (which will be 1 year for DrJack cookies).  The second case will delete it when the browser is exited, requiring a new cookie to be obtained.  In the third case a pop-up window will allow that choice to be made each time a new cookie is requested.  This only comes into play when the website requests that a new cookie be saved and when there is no existing reason why it should not be saved, based on the other browser settings. 

    ()   The "Exceptions" button allows one to over-ride the above general settings for any individual website.  Clicking it opens a table of Exceptions created by you -- either through this window or through a pop-up window opened when permission for saving a new cookie is requested -- giving the site ID (name or URL) and status (e.g. "Allow" or "Block" or "Allow for Session"). 

    ()   Finally, the "View Cookies" displays all the existing cookies presently stored by your browser!  For each site the name of each cookie is given (a site can set more than one cookie, each with a separate name) - clicking a name will show additional information such as the cookie content and the expiration date.  DrJack registration cookies have the name "register" under site "".  Note the buttons to "Remove Cookie" or "Remove All Cookies" (dangerous!).  Warning: if "don't allow sites that set removed cookies to set future cookies" is checked then any sites for which you remove a cookies will placed on the "Exceptions" list as a "blocked" site, preventing future cookies from being saved. 

To verify that your browser does have the desired "register" cookie from "" - and to verify that its expiration date is later than the current date -- use the "View Cookies" button.  If you are having trouble saving a DrJack cookie, check the general setting allowing sites to set cookies (!) - and the "Exceptions" list should be checked to make sure that "" has not been inadvertently blocked.  [Alternatively, one can make the general preference to NOT allow sites to set cookies, but then create an "Exception" allowing the "" site to save a cookie.]

If there is a DrJack "register" cookie in your browser, and it is not beyond its expiration date, yet you are still having difficulty (i.e. being asked to "logon" for each new session), it is possible that the cookie has somehow gotten corrupted.  In this case you should go to a registration page link to first erase the existing cookie ("Logoff") and then get a new cookie ("Logon"). 

Be aware that the complex array of choices can create confusion or unexpected results.  As an example of complexity which caught me, for the "Keep Cookies" selection I use "ask me every time" - this means a pop-up box occurs every time a site wants to save a cookie, giving me choices of "Allow" or "Allow for Session" or "Hide Details" or "Deny" - with an additional check box for "Use my choice for all cookies from this site".  Lots of choices to make!  My intent is to allow cookies to be saved from websites I use but not from the advertising that appears on them, but once I erred in "Deny"ing a cookie from what I thought was an advertising site, since it's site name was not that of the website itself - but which turned out to be required for its registration authentication.  Then I couldn't understand why I had to keep on logging in to that website, and it took quite awhile to figure things out!  I finally had to examine the "blocked" sites in the "Exceptions" list and determine which site I needed to change to "allowed" to get things working properly again.