DrJack's Forecast Method
Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening, Meteorologist 

Below is a outline of how I typically do my own forecasts for my personal flying.  This approach considers just the basics - for certain conditions an amended approach would be used, or someone forecasting for a contest or a very long flight might want to spend more time than I do, etc..  Note that (1) I fly a sailplane, which biases my forecasting toward sailplane cross-country (e.g. through my choice of a minimum B/S ratio), (2) clouds are usually not a factor for my location, so their prediction is not a large concern in my methodology (in fact I often skip the cloud forecast parameters), and (3) I normally fly over the higher terrain near my airport, so am not usually concerned with "flatland" conditions. 

Additional Information:
BASIC Thermal Forecast Parameters
Parameter Descriptions
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