DrJack does not own a cell phone with web access capability, so has little knowledge of the hurdles BLIPMAP users face in trying to access forecast maps with their cell phones.   I have gathered that there is a wide range of internet access capabilities in cell phones.  The new Opera cell phone browser claims to allow universal access to webpages (in many cases by re-formatting fixed-width pages), which should allow access to all BLIPMAPs.  But others, particularly older cell phones, are not as capable.  This page will be a repository of help for cell phone users, including any information passed on to me by those who do use cellphones for BLIPMAP access. If you have something to add, please make a post on the Blipmap Forum.

I have created several "mini" webpages to add cell phone access - they utilize minimal text, being primarily links, to minimize the screen display size needed.  These pages are listed on the Mini Index webpage.

Note that if your cell phone does not support cookies, then to access BLIPMAPs you must create a special bookmark for each forecast map using the cookieless access method.

If use of PNG format images is a problem for many I would consider switching to use of GIF images - but that would mean a lot of work so will not be done unless there is a significant need, and to date such a need has not been voiced.