25 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* Frederick MD
Generally will look at this parameter.

30 =========== ---------- *AT* Mt. Diablo
Vectors would be MUCH easier to visualize.

38 =========== Daniel L Johnson *AT* KLUM, Menomonie, WI
The directional and velocity shear at the top of the boundary layer is important in predicting thermal wave. I suppose this isn't possible to add to the maps.

42 =========== Morgan Hall *AT* Plowshare Peak, New Cuyama CA
Same reason I don't use the Wind speed.

81 =========== Bob Gibbons *AT* Texas Soaring Association (TSA), Dallas, TX
Same as above

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
Wind direction is extremely important for long XC attempts in a hang glider. I supplemnt BLIPMAPS with FSL info for this to get wind at various altitudes.

117 =========== Mike Kelsey *AT* Hang Gkiding in the Ouachita Mountains of AR and Ok
I count on other local weather resources for wind dirction and speed.

118 =========== ---------- *AT* Tullahoma, TN
How about superimposing this in vector form onto the wind speed plot?

132 =========== Bob Ireland *AT* Williams, CA

137 =========== Ramy *AT* Yanetz

141 =========== ---------- *AT* Highland Aerosports / Ridgely MD - Quest Air / Groveland FL
I use the SkewT/Blipspot-winds more. It is more use when I go XC.

145 =========== Martin Hellman *AT* Hayward, CA
Doesn't seem very useful since it varies so much. I prefer to look at UNISYS wx and see the winds aloft from that.

152 =========== ---------- *AT* KLEB
The precision is not very useful.