25 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* Frederick MD
Generally will look at this parameter.

42 =========== Morgan Hall *AT* Plowshare Peak, New Cuyama CA
Our main flying site is in the Cuyama Valley and the winds are effected by the land formation that I don't think is modeled all that well by the system. Not a complaint, just an observation as to why I don't really use this feature. We generally have pretty predictable wind patterns in the Cuyama Valley.

81 =========== Bob Gibbons *AT* Texas Soaring Association (TSA), Dallas, TX
Very useful, especially in the winter months when we can have strong runway crosswinds.

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
Wind speed is very important to lower speed craft like us hang gliders.

117 =========== Mike Kelsey *AT* Hang Gkiding in the Ouachita Mountains of AR and Ok
I count on other local weather resources for wind dirction and speed.

132 =========== Bob Ireland *AT* Williams, CA

137 =========== Ramy *AT* Yanetz

141 =========== ---------- *AT* Highland Aerosports / Ridgely MD - Quest Air / Groveland FL
I use the SkewT/Blipspot-winds more. It is more use when I go XC.