15 =========== Doug Snyder *AT* Spartanburg Dowtown Airport - Spartanburg, SC
links to information that will help me interpret the soundings and skew-T graphs. I've learned a lot from Dr. Jack's and would like to learn more.

45 =========== Milton Hare *AT* Williams, CA
I would love to see max altitude of boundary layer up > 30 (or some other way to see how high convergence is likely to go). It it's always the same as BL Top then I guess it's not needed (that might be the case).

46 =========== ---------- *AT* Minden, NV
Wave Data

67 =========== David Grah *AT* Bishop, California
During the winter, expanded wave forecasts would be valuable.

68 =========== John H. Bisscheroux *AT* Hawkesbury, ON Canada
See my remark about probability index above.

90 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
What the current "test product" is in the test selection.

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
Wind speed and direction at 5000 ft AGL would be a useful indicator for XC flights. This would be more useful than wind "averaged" over the boundry layer, Since many flights spend lots of time around this altitude. Currently I get this info from the FSL Java chart.

124 =========== ---------- *AT* Adrian, MI (KADG)
I know that there is an "available times" page somewhere, but I can never find it (it's probably right in front of my nose). maybe add link down with Fundamental BL parameters or someplace like that.

Try the "help" page

132 =========== Bob Ireland *AT* Williams, CA
I understand you have a wave prediction product not posted along with Blipmap. Perhaps you could have a flag in Blipmap on days when wave is a possibility that directs readers to the full product.

134 =========== Alan Hoar *AT* Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
A pop up skew T plot (from a viewer), on the spot picked. Like the data pop up window that comes now. Of course I have no idea how hard or easy this is to do.

Look at the viewer more closely

157 =========== ---------- *AT* Tehachapi CA
Bring Back the Wave forecaster! New Blipspot at Owens Peak (W of Inyokern) A map that shows "delta" for all values between RUC and ETA models would be interesting and useful