6 =========== Sam Zimmerman *AT* SPA Spartanburg,SC
I hesitate to comment herefor fear mythoughts will sound critical. But, in the best of all worlds, overlap would help. Sites such as Cordele and Parawon, lie at the edge of a region wher overlap would enhance the usefulness substntially.

24 =========== Lee Kuhlke *AT* Kelly Airpark
Is it possible to make one large map of the US and we could "box" the area that we want to look at?. This would save multiple maps and make it easier for those of us on the border regions

I agree but the technology and programming needed to do that is much more advanced and beyond my capability.

30 =========== ---------- *AT* Mt. Diablo
Mexico - Tapalpa (Guadalajara) and Valle de Bravo (Mexico).

31 =========== ---------- *AT* Moriarty, NM
Better resolution would be very helpful. When I look a New Mexico it is hard to pick out specific areas due to a lack of detail. Better resolution will solve this "issue." Thanks!

38 =========== Daniel L Johnson *AT* KLUM, Menomonie, WI
The advantage of overlap is that some of us live near the edge of a region; in addition, the wx moves W -> E, so that it's useful to look at the region just to the west. In addition, those of us at the northern edge of BLIPmap coverage would likely be happy of some of that "overlap" involved an expansion of the northern border.

40 =========== ---------- *AT* Arlington, WA and Ephrata, WA
east montana, downwind flight from EPH, WA is to Butte, MT, coverage further east might be useful.

57 =========== Jim Fryett *AT* Arthur East ON
I fly in Southern Ontario - this area is well covered and is generally acceptable - higher resolution would be helpful

61 =========== ken grosh *AT* alliance, NE
Western edge of South Dakota & eastern edges of Wyoming & Montana

62 =========== john cochrane *AT* chicago glider IL
On size: current coverage is about right for the range of most xc glider flying. I'm fine with slightly bigger maps -- monitors are big these days.

68 =========== John H. Bisscheroux *AT* Hawkesbury, ON Canada
Mt Tremblant latitude. This is a much used mountain (hill?) soaring region.

78 =========== Steve Koerner *AT* Peoria AZ
I often desire more coverage to the west on SW map

83 =========== Harold Klaser *AT* New Castle, VA
My area is already covered

86 =========== Richard Lewanczuk *AT* Chipman, AB, Canada
OK, I obviously have a vested interest, but a bit more northerly for Alberta, Canada.

96 =========== Tim Traynor *AT* Pullman, WA
More of Minnesota, I may be moving there in a year or two.

98 =========== ---------- *AT* Hyner

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
Cape Cod is a narrow sliver of land but it has one soaring airport on it. We also intend to extend our XC distances by going out there. Currently the NE map cuts off Cape Cod.

Cape Code is thinner than the present RUC model resolution! (PS I used to soar out of Plymouth.)

109 =========== Hugo Vifian *AT* Hollister
I just love to fly South towards the Condor Sanctuary (South-west of New Cuyama and sometimes it is critical to know whether to fly East (west of Highway 5) or West (along the Machesna and Madre Mtn ridge or in between along the Caliente Range. If there was more resolution and a bigger picture it would be easy to figure that out ahead of the flight.

118 =========== ---------- *AT* Tullahoma, TN
Entire Appalacian chain in one image if possible.

134 =========== Alan Hoar *AT* Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
Further north on the north west region(further into Canada) would be usefull.