25 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* Frederick MD
Sometimes look at.

42 =========== Morgan Hall *AT* Plowshare Peak, New Cuyama CA
We almost never get Cu's so I just take them as a blessing when we do get a few.

81 =========== Bob Gibbons *AT* Texas Soaring Association (TSA), Dallas, TX
Used in conjuction with LCL to judge likely hood of cumulus

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
I look at this but find it to not be very accurate in our region.

129 =========== Kevin Ford *AT* Monticello IL
typically we get clouds here when the cumulus potential is in the -1 to -2 range, due to higher than forecast dewpoints and/or higher than forecast temps.

137 =========== Ramy *AT* Yanetz
Started to pay more attention to it last year and founf it useful often

145 =========== Martin Hellman *AT* Hayward, CA
Mostly I look at BL top and Cumulus cloudbase. If BL_top >= CuCldbase then I expect markers -- or even if it's within 1-2k feet.