25 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* Frederick MD
Rarely look at.

42 =========== Morgan Hall *AT* Plowshare Peak, New Cuyama CA
The smoothing of the contours makes this a little less useful for our flying site. Maybe if you turn over the 1km resolution stuff some day, we'll be able to model this more accurately.

45 =========== Milton Hare *AT* Williams, CA
BL Top and BL Max Up/Down are my most used parameters. I would like to see more detailed information about this parameter - like how high the lift is likely to go.

62 =========== john cochrane *AT* chicago glider IL
There's often a good convergence marked as wind piles into cold water in Lake Michigan. Haven't yet been able to use it. Does not seem to track sea breeze front.

73 =========== James Bradley *AT* Crestline, CA
Convergence potential seems like a great thing to know, but what does this mean? and what are the units?

101 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY
We don't get convergence in New England other than minor sea breeze fronts in the spring. Those days usually are not good for flying. Winds are wrong direction or too light.

108 =========== ---------- *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
Very helpful at times

141 =========== ---------- *AT* Highland Aerosports / Ridgely MD - Quest Air / Groveland FL
Quest and Highland get convergence.