6 =========== Sam Zimmerman *AT* SPA Spartanburg,SC
I use Bmapper along with Univiewer. Univiewer has obviated the need in many areas. I do still find the grid by grid breakdown a little more readable with respect to where trends are. At Perry,SC (Reg. 5,N) this contest just finished, we found the RUC (Blip) to misplace the strongest area by about fifty mi. most days(last day with front approaching, the RUC was right on). The misplace was approximately the same each of four days. The trend of an area of best soaring was correct. It was displacedfrom west to the east each day. Not really a surprise but an interesting observation I have encountered several times now. My take of this is to note that trend prediction tends to be accurate, but its location may, in our micro-perspective, be substantial.

11 =========== ---------- *AT* Hobbs, NM Industrial
I plan to change to ETA when I re-subscribe.

12 =========== Wm. Arthur Lardin *AT* Thomasville, GA
Most useful modality to assess soaring potential I know of. I'm happy to be able to subscribe.

13 =========== Chris Ruf *AT* laGrange GA
Is there anyway to get RUC forecasts for the east coast any sooner? It would be great to be able to see them before 11pm east coast time to know the forecast before bedtime. I suppose your priority is for CA/NV because that is where you live but if you could up the priority of 1 or 2 maps for the east coast that would be helpful - maybe just the W* and Hcrit couild be given priority. I think you already do this somewhat but just thought i'd ask for the ideal solution for us. thanks and happy soaring.

The priority is actually weighted towards the eastern regions, as they get processed first. But that the available time differs very little between regions since the processing time is relatively fast.

14 =========== ---------- *AT* Sheridan Il
I appreciate all your efforts to kepp us informed and safe, thank you.

16 =========== Bill Richardson *AT* Warner Springs, CA
Dr Jack, Thanks for all the hard work, the Soaring community really appreciates it. Bill Richardson 4W

19 =========== Jack Harkin *AT* Jean NV (Las Vegas)
Jack, I do not know how to thank you enough for the blipmaps and all the work you do! Thanks

21 =========== John J Iacobucci MD *AT* Ionia MI
Now that I have been using Blip Maps, I can't imagine ever doing without them. The single greatest addition to the sport of soaring in quite a long time.

25 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* Frederick MD
Thank you for all the work and your commitment to this project. The tendency is for people to take resources for granted including this wonderful resource which your dedicated efforts have created. My hope is that you get to fly more. Rgds!

26 =========== ---------- *AT* Alexandria, IN I-99
Indicate somewhere the terms of one's subscription. i.e. expiration date.

It's on your UserInfo page.

27 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, Ca
Often have a problem discerning the exact colors that the map is showing for the value.

28 =========== Rick Culbertson *AT* Kelly Airpark, Elbert CO
Jack, Thank you for providing this wonderful service to add to my WX soaring tool box.

29 =========== ---------- *AT* Colorado
Thanks for your continued efforts, Dr. Jack. With Colorado's changable weather, we need all the help you provide.

30 =========== ---------- *AT* Mt. Diablo
Very glad you are doing this. I want to support the work beyond its direct usefulness to me.

31 =========== ---------- *AT* Moriarty, NM
Keep up the good work! Your efforts are much appreciated! Thanks again!

36 =========== Robert (Bob) De Leon *AT*
I've conclude that the accuracy of the combined map data I use and how the day was observed and flown is 75-80% accurate. I hope to lead a club meeting disscussion to help others understand and start using the service. Others in our club who use the maps are in agreement with my assesment of accruary. At the Marfa TX wave camp in March, the WX report at the pilot's meeting always included your predictions for that area. No one seened to think that anything was seriously off except their flying skills. Keep up the great work.

38 =========== Daniel L Johnson *AT* KLUM, Menomonie, WI
I can't imagine life without BLIPmaps! Well, actually, I remember life without them pretty well, and I am grateful that they keep me from assembling the glider for nothing, so that this hobby consumes less of my family's time while I get better soaring.

40 =========== ---------- *AT* Arlington, WA and Ephrata, WA
I encourge the development mentioned of RUC (terrain influenced) and wave Blipmaps. These are more useful for our area.

41 =========== Dan Bourgeois *AT* Boulder, CO
Paypal was sort of a pain. I've had an account with them that I used once or twice, but forgot the password and had an expired email address attached to it. Their site's restrictions wouldn't let me use the credit cards from that account unless I knew the password... long story short I couldn't get detailed forecasts for a while... (I realize you can't do much about paypal, but thought I'd mention it) Blipmaps are an incredibly useful tool, though. Thanks! Dan

One can always use the "pay by check" option on the subscription page

44 =========== Dave Kuchenbecker *AT* Ephrata, Wa
Tis is an incredible resource and it never ceases to amaze me how many people use it. I have it sent to my work address and it allows me to compare the local forecast with Dr jack.

45 =========== Milton Hare *AT* Williams, CA
It seems like if you had more computing horsepower and bandwidth (still using dial-up?!!!) you would be able to process more maps more quickly. Doesn't it make sense to ask for funding for 3 or 4 servers so everyone can get their BLIPMAPs faster, and you can run more 1km models? Or get the use of somebody's supercomputer somehow? Grid computing? There has got to be a way to unleash the power of your models rather than keeping them 'on the leash' due to funding limitations. I think there would be plenty of people interested in that sort of targeted donation since many would benefit directly. When we used to get the RUC forecast the night before and early morning the day of the forecast we could really count on it - now the RUC comes out a bit late for those who have to start driving early in the morning to make in time for an early start. BLIPMAP has taken the sting out of the statement 'should have been here yesterday'. Now pilots know when great days are coming and can decide if they want to take a day off. When the really great days arrive the gliderport magically springs to life, towpilots show up when they are needed and few gliders are left on the ground. Life is good. Thanks Dr. Jack! Best, Milt

49 =========== ---------- *AT* Toronto ON & Clermont FL & State College PA
A quick link back to the 'how to interpret' woulod be useful

50 =========== ---------- *AT* Van Sant Airport, Erwinna, PA
I cannot seem to print out the entire BLIPSPOT form for Blairstown, NJ. The right side is cut off. This is minor, though.

52 =========== ---------- *AT* Moriarty, NM
PLEASE PLEASE Keep these going! I have been flying for 15 years now (I am 28) and my friends and I all agree that this is the BEST soaring forecast available ever. It is absolutly revolutionary. Thank you for doing this! -Mitch Hudson

53 =========== ---------- *AT* Fairfield PA
BLIPMAPs are a great soaring planning tool. Please keep it up!

57 =========== Jim Fryett *AT* Arthur East ON
Thank you for providing this great service to the soaring community. I like the visual quality of the maps. Once my season gets underway I will be a full subscriber. Jim Fryett

60 =========== Burt Compton *AT* Marfa, TX
"Marfa Gliders" is a year-round commercial soaring operation, so the ability to give a good wx briefing to visiting pilots (with their own sailplanes) and explain the Blipmaps to students learning to fly gliders here is essential, so the "Dr. Jack" tools make me look quite good! Looking back on the soaring day, we usually find your forecast was amazingly accurate. Thanks! Burt Compton at Marfa, Texas

61 =========== ken grosh *AT* alliance, NE
I think Blipmaps are great - very helpful. I've even used them to illustrate to non-glider pilots who are interested just what conditions are desirable.

64 =========== ---------- *AT* Alexandria, IN
Love it! Thanks

65 =========== William Brown *AT* Byron, CA
Is it possible that BLIPmap has become less accurate? In 2003, it seemed to be right on the money. In 2004, it has seemed to be systematically optimistic, while still very useful.

67 =========== David Grah *AT* Bishop, California
BLIPMAP's are a great service to pilots soaring and otherwise.

68 =========== John H. Bisscheroux *AT* Hawkesbury, ON Canada
This and the OLC contributed most positively to shoring up interest in soaring.

69 =========== ---------- *AT* Boulder, CO
I would suggest easier navigation around the site. For example it is difficult to move from ETA to RUC areas. Perhaps a header/toolbar would allow one click movement. Overall I am very satisfied with the service. It is by far the most useful of all the weather data that I access. Thanks for all your hard work.

73 =========== James Bradley *AT* Crestline, CA
This is an incredible service and an inspiration on many levels. I am grateful! I would also pay three times the current subscription price without hesitation. More accuracy is needed, and more precision around mountains, I know you are working on this in several ways. Surface winds would be great, adabatic, katabatic, etc., but so much of surface wind is local effects I don't know how you can do it. Maybe surface winds will help people in flat land flying.

74 =========== ---------- *AT* Sterlilng, MA
Not a 2004 observation, nonetheless: Since we started operating about April 1, I've found that the the lift has been fairly consistently and significantly undercalled by both models. Typically they were saying three to four knot vertical velocities to three to four thousand feet, when four to five knot average climb rates were achieved to five to six thousand feet, and sometime higher and stronger. So far these have all been blue days, as the models or relative humidity have consistently indicated, and I beleive that the lift has not been terrain sensitive in its origins.

75 =========== Matt Herron *AT* Middletown CA
Blipmaps are EXTREMELY valuable, but I am still a wx neophyte, trying to learn more and make better use of the blipmaps.

77 =========== John Seaborn *AT* Boulder, CO
BLIPMAPS are a great resources for the soaring community and have become a critical part of preparing for each soaring day. My concern is long term viability. There is a huge amount of work involved with developing and managing the site but there is a very great amount of value as well. I would hope that BLIPS move from a largely volunteer effort to become a viable business using the subscription model. As a viable business there will be impetus to improve functionality and coverage internationally for instance while at the same time preserving the functionality over the long term for use by the community. My only other comment would be to consider scaling back the one off (spots for instance) feature set to make the site more manageable long term.

78 =========== Steve Koerner *AT* Peoria AZ
Blipmaps are an extremely important resource to me. Thank you for doing this Dr. Jack.

81 =========== Bob Gibbons *AT* Texas Soaring Association (TSA), Dallas, TX
Continued great work Jack, hope your physical problems improve and you are able to get more flying in. Bob

86 =========== Richard Lewanczuk *AT* Chipman, AB, Canada
Thanks for all the work at such an affordable price!

87 =========== Robin Clark *AT* Herlong, Jacksonville, FL
I need to explore the forecasts more. There are people I can ask to show me more on your site. All I look at right now is the 1800Z forecast for the North Florida - South Georgia area on the morning I plan to go fly. That helps me decide whether to fly north, south or west. I'd like a forecast a couple of days ahead. The information is probably there if I look for it. In the future, if I solve a lot of other racing issues, I might like to get spot forecasts for a contest site the way pilots like Dale Kramer do. I don't have the technology to get the information at Perry or Cordele, but I might in the future.

88 =========== Dean Chantiles *AT* Warner Springs, CA
Phenomenal product! Tends to be extremely accurate. Really interesting to see height obtained and thermal strengths during a flight and compare to prediction. Very rare bombouts are when wind came up much higher than predicted and destroyed thermals. Otherwise, usually SPOT-ON!!!

90 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
The forecasts in the Ephrata TIP are consistantly VERY OPTIMISTIC on the next day's ( and the day after) forecast. When the next day rolls around, the forecast comes back to normal. This renders the TIP difficult to use as tomorrow's planning tool.

91 =========== ---------- *AT* Hollister, CA
Thanks Dr. Jack!!!

94 =========== ---------- *AT* minden nv
Thanks for making my flying safer and more fun. I'm a day pilot, living in Nevada City, CA, which is two hours from Minden which is my soaring base. Your short-term and soaring-focused weather forecasts help me to know which precious day off to spend in the air, and which to spend with family (and chores) free of angst about missing the best soaring day of the season. Family trumps always, but knowing it "wasn't that great" in the air makes it easier to relax and to enjoy other nonflying activities.

95 =========== ---------- *AT* Ames, IA
Blipmaps are a wonderful service to the soaring community. I consider myself above average at predicting good soaring from a forecast, but the Blipmaps are a cut above. Where the Blipmaps really outshine me is when the dog days of summer arrive, when the heat and humidity hit the mid-west I use the Blipmaps almost exclusively.

96 =========== Tim Traynor *AT* Pullman, WA
BLIPMAP is invaluable!

100 =========== Mark von Roeder *AT* Great Lakes, Coldan Ontario Canada
I appreciate you hard work and would not want to miss blipmap. My take-off point is 90 miles awy from my home and looking at blipmap has saved me a lot of trips over the years.

102 =========== Mark Stump *AT* Mt. Magazine, Waveland, AR
Blipmaps are the best thing to come along in soaring since the carbon D Spar. What a great tool for knowing how good it is and being able to pick the best site. The information is usually right on. Love the Blipspots the best. Everything you wanted to know on one page for a specific site. Thanks for all your efforts. Sincerely, Mark Stump

104 =========== Norman A. Page *AT* Crystalair/Llano/CA
I believe the BLIPMAPs are a very valuable resource for all soaring pilots and would personally be very disappointed if this resource disappeared.

110 =========== ---------- *AT* Jean, NV

115 =========== ---------- *AT* Moriarty, NM
Thanks for making BLIPMAPS!!!

118 =========== ---------- *AT* Tullahoma, TN
Thank you for your service to the soaring community.

119 =========== Kurt Strong *AT* Beloit, WI
Your site has been a huge leap forward in predicting thermal activity. I think back when I tried to gather data that was far from our site and mostly worthless, and then make educated guesses about the soaring prospects, and it seems like the dark ages. My flight time per year has doubled with your Blipmap/ Blipspot availablity. THANKS!!!

120 =========== Allan Martini *AT* Petaluma, CA Minden, NV
I have been interested in soaring weather since I began soaring 35 years ago. Blipmaps are a whole new world. They are wonderful.

124 =========== ---------- *AT* Adrian, MI (KADG)
Too cheap. fee could be a lot higher and would not have any impact on my subscription.

126 =========== ---------- *AT* Hollister, CA
The information you provide is an incredible and valuable tool for pilots. My only wish is that you organize your web site more effectively with a menu system so things would be easier to find without having to bookmark so many pages. A simple menu frame on the left side to reach registration, RUC, ETA, BLIPSPOT, WAVE, RASP, etc. would be great. As I know from your site comments you are short on time I might suggest going out to a contract site like I was able to get a good looking complete 10 page web site with forms designed for about $400. I'm sure your user community would chip in to cover the cost if you ask (if they didn't volunteer to do it themselves, I know BASA has a couple web designers as members, one of which is redesigning our site right now). Thanks again for the great tool.

127 =========== Borislav Deianov *AT* Byron, CA / Truckee, CA
BIG thank you for your continued efforts and great sacrifices for the development of the BLIPMAPs.

132 =========== Bob Ireland *AT* Williams, CA
I still think yours is one of the most amazing and useful weather information synthesis & display/weather prediction products around. I hope its development has been as personally satisfying to you as it has been useful to us. Thanks Dr. Jack - Bob Ireland

134 =========== Alan Hoar *AT* Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
It is amazing to me that I can get this much information for such a low cost. I made a $40 donation which seems cheap to me for the ready access to this information.

137 =========== Ramy *AT* Yanetz
1 - While all various models are some time more accurate than the others, the RUC is the hand down winner in my area (Hollister). The best improvement would be if this model was available the prior evening, but I know it is not in your hands... 2 - Please keep blipspots if possible. This is the last detail forecast I am using to see the whole picture before I go flying. I would also appreciate if we can have the Mt. Hamilton and Diablo (or Byron) blipspot back.

139 =========== fred wright *AT* heber, ut
A more simple explanation of use would be very helpful. Many of us are not scientists so an explanation in layman terms would be appreciated. I find that I and others I fly with usually just make a guess at what the blipmaps mean.

140 =========== Jamey Jacobs *AT* Hollister, CA
I would like to have the forecasts available at or near the top of the page, and have the majority of the commentary be accessed via buttons or below the forecasts. As I fly a motorglider (Carat), I find your BLIPTOOLS very valuable and anticipate this summer I will start flying to different sites based on the forecasts. Thanks for opening up and optimizing my soaring world.

141 =========== ---------- *AT* Highland Aerosports / Ridgely MD - Quest Air / Groveland FL
It would be nice to not have to scroll past the news to get to the forecasts. I've had to explain to many people that "yes, you have the right page... just keep scrolling... oops, wait, not that far... ok, yes, that's it". Your work is very much appreciated. Thank you. Jim

The news section is now much shorter.

142 =========== Linda Salamone *AT* Macedon, NY
Great job, keep them coming!

144 =========== ---------- *AT* Crazy Creek, Middletown, CA
MANY MANY THANKS FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE SPORT. I haven passed on your website to professional meterololgists, who have been impressed and humbled. Your service to soaring is extraordinary.

145 =========== Martin Hellman *AT* Hayward, CA
Thank you for BLIPMAPs!!

146 =========== John Medley *AT* Crystal Llano, CA
I do rely on your service to make flying simpler. To me it is a one stop shopping for all I need for an average flying day.

147 =========== Rolf Beyer *AT* Harris Hill, Elmira, NY
I'm happy to hear of your continued involvement. I hope you can and will keep it up.

148 =========== ---------- *AT* Pleasant Valley, Peoria, AZ
Continues to be a great resource....even in AZ where it is nearly always great soaring weather! It has been quite helpful in planning which areas may be best esp in contests where we may have choices e.g. AAT or MAT.

149 =========== ---------- *AT* Byron, CA -- Truckee, CA
Overall, the BLIPMAPs tend to be fairly accurate for northern california. I don't understand all of the parameters yet, but I am learning. I'm sure you probably have descriptions of what they are somewhere on the web site. Also, I tend to use the ETA model almost exclusively since it goes further out in time - it's a good way to plan whether to go soaring on the weekend (and an occasional weekday). Many other members in our club use the BLIPMAPs and they certainly appreciate them a lot.

151 =========== ---------- *AT* Nampa, ID
Our problem in the Boise, ID valley is that the information is taken from soundings done early in the morning 12Z. Things change radically by noon local time and the next soundings come out after we make a decision to fly. We find that the BLITMAP is very and I emphazise VERY optimistic. I would guess that BLITMAP indicates that soaring will be great, good or even possible in error about 55 to 60% of the time.

153 =========== GORDON H. SCHUBERT *AT* BELOIT, WI
BLIPMAP is a great service and very useful. Keep up the good work!

154 =========== Paul Summerskill *AT* St. Catharines, Ontario
BLIPMAPS have once again proved to be a wonderful tool both for predicting numbers and flights of migrating raptors, as well as analysing count numbers. This past year I was asked to speak about BLIPMAPS and Raptor Migration at Field Naturalists groups both in the United States and Canada and have received positive feedback from hawkwatchers and bilogists across the United States and Canada. I look forward to the new 13KM grid as are many hawkwatchers and biologists. Thank you very much for all your work in providing BLIPMAPS to gliders and hawkwatchers.

158 =========== ---------- *AT* 3M5 Al
The access for a new user is sometimes a bit streneous. Nevertheless thanks a lot for the great job that you made.