107 =========== ---------- *AT* Ames, IA
Very useful for me as I fly a very lightweight glider with poor penitration. My Memorial weekend record flights were largely based on the Blipmap forecast of almost Zero wind.

138 =========== Charles Petersen *AT* Toronto ON
Use other met data (Walter Weir's Tephi program)

140 =========== Moritz Wagner *AT* Rochester, NY
Arrows/Barbs would be really helpful

154 =========== ---------- *AT* Chilliwack, BC, Canada (many launch sites)
These figures are right on the money almost all the time. I rely on them more confidently than any other online wind forecast.

162 =========== Discus Flyer *AT* Hinton, OK
Become more dependent on wind forecasts in conjunction with BL velocities. In Okla this is a critical combination in learning whether the thermals will really reach predicted heights.

166 =========== James Gaar *AT* Ottawa, KS
not tested

179 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY near Wurtsboro, NY
I use this as a general confirmation of the speeds I see predicted elsewhere.

221 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* FDK MD
Parameter seems pretty accurate. B/S corresponds well in an inverse sense w/this parameter.

231 =========== ---------- *AT* Sterling, MA
Best used in conjunction with standard NWS reports.

261 =========== ---------- *AT* Truckee/Minden
Also been helpful when looking at potential for disorganized thermals.

277 =========== Richard Stone *AT* Sun Flower Aerodrome, KS
Usually very accurate for our high wind 15-30 knts days but on calmer days direction and velocity are off.

278 =========== Reb Byrne *AT* Cherry Valley, AR
Especially seemed to be too high during the 18M Nats at Cordele year. In AR it seems to be good.

306 =========== ---------- *AT* Mission Peak -- Fremont, CA
This is particularly useful in the BLIPSPOT format. You asked earlier if there were days I flew that I otherwise wouldn't have. This predictor has been the reason I have. I've driven to launch on days where it's blowing hard over the back and even set up when launch conditions are well beyond impossible 'cause I say Dr. Jack sez it will turn around between 2 and 3. At 2:15 I'm the only one in the air! Yeah Babee.

307 =========== ---------- *AT* Elko, BC
Don't normally look at this.

336 =========== David Grah *AT* Bishop, CA
I don't use this parameter much.

337 =========== ---------- *AT* Kelly Airpark Elbert, CO
Averages aren't that useful with the thick boundary layer we often have here in Colorado

371 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
also I have not logged the accuracy during or after the flights yet. So it is hard for me to really know where the predictions are relative to the actual. I am putting down my feeling of last years flights that I remember. which are most of them.

397 =========== Dan Shoemaker *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
Occasionally low..see above

405 =========== ---------- *AT*
This information was highly reliable

416 =========== Morgan Hall *AT* Plowshare Peak, HG Launch near New Cuyama, CA
Narrow valley and marine influence has a greater effect on the winds than the model seems to be able to account for.

464 =========== Chuck Deerinck *AT* Sky Sailing, Warner Springs, CA
Unclear on how wind shear at various altitudes are consolodated into a single speed.

467 =========== John Medley *AT* Crystalaire Llano, CA
Very useful for helping predict local mountain ridge conditions along with Wind Direction

468 =========== ---------- *AT* Austin, TX
I look at this when I can't decide what to believe in the forecast about winds aloft. Since I look at individial weather models (instead of just RUC), I tend to look to other sources, here.

477 =========== ---------- *AT* Ridgely, MD
Wind direction & strength is often hit & miss unless there is recent frontal passage.

483 =========== ---------- *AT* Saratoga County Airport, Ballston Spa, NY
I tend to use the local winds aloft forecast.

512 =========== Larry Springford *AT*
Used primarily for Ridge Soaring, therefore more interested in wind direction and strength at specific altitudes (as shown on Blip Spots)

517 =========== Mike Parker *AT* El Tiro Gliderport Tucson, AZ
Hard to use since winds change from morning to afternoon typically in our area. Also speed change with height affected usefulness.