2 =========== Fred Splittgerber *AT* Minden, NV
Thanks for a great service!

6 =========== Thomas McCune *AT* Issaquah WA
I'm still learning this stuff. Most of it is greek to me.

8 =========== ---------- *AT* Warner Springs CA
Would be nice to have an ability to zoom the maps and perhaps have gliding sites identified.

11 =========== ---------- *AT* Bay Area, CA
Thank you so much for providing this information. Would you be willing to give a talk about BLIPMAPS in San Francisco or on the Peninsula if we could get a group together?

14 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, Ca
Can understand why you need this type of input.

14 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, Ca
Just plain thanks for all of the long hours of work you have done.

16 =========== Stewart Kissel *AT* Buena Vista, CO
Jack- Good work on the survey, I hope you are getting what you need from it. One suggestion- On other websites similar to yours, all emails go into a discussion forum first. That seems to screen out the bitchers and moaners, because everyone can see their message. If the website owner chooses to correspond privately, that is his option. I think 99% of us are on your side, but that 1% can make life miserable. And life is to short for that.

19 =========== Ivan Jaszlics *AT* Boulder, CO
Seems very useful

19 =========== Ivan Jaszlics *AT* Boulder, CO
Actually, what I would like to see is the mountain wave forecast for Colorado. We do have serious wave here year around, and we do fly it often.

20 =========== Bob Leger *AT* Peterborough, Ontario CANADA - YPQ
You have done an EXCELLENT job! Thank you.

21 =========== Ted Haller *AT* Saratoga, NY
I love the blipmaps

26 =========== ---------- *AT* Idaho Falls, ID/Driggs, ID
I hope you can make a go of this. Even though I am too new at the game to really know how to benefit, it is a great resource and I intend to become more knowledgeable. I like soaring because it is enjoyable at a fairly simple level. I don't know if I would enjoy it as much if it became very detailed and academic pursuit. I have to prepare myself in many ways now, and I'm dragging my feet at adding more preparation. Absent record attempts and badge flying (which I may get to someday) the excruciating planning isn't appealing to me.

30 =========== ---------- *AT* Woodrat Mtn OR
This is a wonderful contribution to the gliding community. Thanks for working with me to expand its application and benefits to this area.

31 =========== ---------- *AT* Morgain Country, UT
I really love and depend on BLIPMAPs. I would absolutely hate to see anything happen that would jeopardize their availability.

34 =========== ---------- *AT* Lake Elsinore CA
Many thanks for the service and keep up your good work!

38 =========== ---------- *AT* Ascutney VT
Thank you for what you have already provided the flying community.

39 =========== Steven Wertheimer *AT* Crazy Creek, CA
This is an excellent service, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

40 =========== John Seaborn *AT* Boulder, Colorado
Please make the project PAY you. We would like to have access to this for years to come and the only way to do this is make it a viable economically. Its proven, it works and we should be putting up $45/50 per year to access it, maintain it and keep it around.

42 =========== Colin Barry *AT* Boulder, CO
We need a BlipSpot here in Boulder. How do we go about this? See "new blipspot" info on BLIPSPOT page Thanks Dr Jack

44 =========== ---------- *AT* Air Sailing, NV
Please maintain this service. It is great for the soaring community. Thank you for doing it.

46 =========== ---------- *AT* York Soaring, Arthur Ontario Canada
I'm to blipmaps last year and new to cross country soaring last year. Although my use and understanding is topical at this time, I find them very useful and valuable.

48 =========== Dieter Bibbig *AT* ase; CO; Aspen
The maps could be simpler to read, possibly therefore not that acurate. Possibly you understand me. Like I said I see and think different than you. Thanks very much for your efforts Dieter Bibbig Gliders Of Aspen

49 =========== Jim Phoenix *AT* Ephrata, WA
I like blipmaps, I use them regularly and I contributed money to their upkeep. I believe that as improvements continue (the proposed enhancements look great!) the US soaring community must, in some way, step up and provide the financial suport needed. I do not pretend to know the best way of doing this, but have personally experienced other members of the community using this service without contributing. I now believe that if a subscriber base is not created, the funding will trickle in more slowly than before. I also pay for Winpilot and SeeYou - other soaring-specific sofware products - and in degrees of usefulness, blipmaps is right up there somewhere close, so it's a bargain compared to the cost of those navigation and flight tracking programs.

50 =========== ---------- *AT* Peoria, AZ
BLIPMAPs rock!

53 =========== Doug Padrick *AT* Hollister, CA
The blipmaps are very useful. Please keep up the good work.

59 =========== Michael Higgins *AT* Fairfield, PA
Again, BLIPMAPS are great and I hope you can keep up the good work!

63 =========== ---------- *AT* Waller TX 89TA
This is a great service and you should form a company to distribute it. In this way you insure that it will continue to be available for the forseeable future and that profits will motivate new ideas / better and more complete forcasts.

64 =========== Steve Cahill *AT* Santa Cruz CA
Hi Jack: Thanks for your efforts - they are very much appreciated. I am a very occasional user, I use BLIPMAPs to try to make go/no-go decisions when it isn't otherwise obvious regarding whether I should take the weekend to travel for flying. One minor tweak suggested - more help for novices on what the info means would be good. The link to the July 2002 article is broken. Regards Steve Cahill

66 =========== Jim Fryett *AT* Arthur East ON
BLIPMAP has been a great service for me. I own my business and I have to be sure that when I take time off it is going to be worthwhile. Last year, I did not fly as much as I would have liked, but when I did, the quality of the flight was excellent. Keep up the good work. Jim Fryett

73 =========== Linda Salamone *AT*
It was inevitable that a fee would be associated with BLIPMAPS. I could see it coming with the registration page initially. Nothing good is free anymore! I like the format of the BLIPs but I could learn to use the FSL soundings if I feel the fees are too high.

76 =========== Julian (Tim) Tuck *AT* Gatineau Gliding Club, Ottawa, ON
How about having a Club membership, possibly based on the number of soaring pilots in the club? If we take my club as an example, I believe there are around 50 active flying members. This would give you $2000 per year if all of them joined, but they won't; about 10 - 15 will, for an estimated income to you of $500. If the club paid an annual subscription of (say) $1000, which would allow ALL members to use the service, we both win, and the people who wouldn't otherwise use the service (apart from secondhand) would learn more about their sport.

81 =========== Ron Gleason *AT* Groveland, FL plus many others around the US
I appreciate the work and service you have performed. I am willing to subsidize your efforts to ensure availabaility of thye BLIPMAP in the future. Thanks in advance

85 =========== ---------- *AT* Mission Ridge, CA
Keep up the good work.

90 =========== ken grosh *AT* alliance, ne
I'm in the process of verifying for paypal, when complete (bank statement comes) I will be sending a contribution in appreciation of your efforts. I am the only glider pilot at my airport, however many other pilots are becoming interested & an instructor is coming, so there will be more soon. When they ask questions about soaring I show them blipmap printouts to help explain desirable conditions & variables. It helps explain what can't be seen, it furthers their interest.

92 =========== ---------- *AT* Spokane, WA
Didn't like your choice of answers at the end

92 =========== ---------- *AT* Spokane, WA
It is great, especially with days forward predictive capabilities. An easy first usable lift prdiction graphic would also be good

98 =========== Mark Stump *AT* Magazine Mtn, AR
Thanks for the Blipmap! It's accurate and shows that it's almost always better than you think.Once you see the Thermal Updraft Vel and BL Top as looking good you can't help but load your gear and go to the hill excited, knowing conditions are GOOD!

99 =========== ---------- *AT* Joplin, MO
I appreciate your efforts on behalf of the soaring community. Our club doesn't, at this time, engage in contests as such--we're a bunch of novices with still a lot learning left to do. I personally think the SSA emphasis on contests has done a lot to impede the growth of soaring, in that they don't spend sufficient resources to attract folks to the "sport." As a long time power pilot with 16,000 hours, I wish I had gotten into "gliding" thirty years ago (only began 3 years ago)--could have benefited tremendously from it, but I really have no desire to do contests. What SSA charges for the membership is pretty ridiculous for value received, compared to AOPA and EAA, basically because the dues go to support contests, and nothing is really done to grow the membership. BLIPMAP is a big help to those who just soar for fun! I think we all would be happy to provide financial support if necessary for the info provided. The reason I don't think SSA should get into it, is that they should take the $$ and spend on growing the membership.

100 =========== Lach Ohman *AT* Kendallville, IN
I'm sorry to have to cut this short. I just received the message and I'm to leave in an hour for Florida and the Senior Nationals. By the time I return it will probably be too late to be useful. Be assured that we used the Blipmaps regularly and found them accurate and useful. We were very glad to have them available. Thank you.

103 =========== ---------- *AT* Hammonton, NJ
Thanks for making BLIPMAPS available.

104 =========== Jamey Jacobs *AT* Hollister, CA
Blipmaps are highly useful for me, and will become invaluable as soon as I receive my Carat motorglider. I expect that Blipmaps and Etas will be a defining factor on when and where I will fly. Thank you for improving the level of the soaring experience.

109 =========== Gary Rubus *AT* Buena Vista, CO
BLIPs have become a magnificent enabling tool for my personal flying. I'm a retired military pilot who took his weather training over 30 years ago, bought some soaring weather books, and dabbled in forecasting. Lots of new concepts -- I'd like to see a more expanded bibliography -- not asking you to write texts, mind you -- that I can use to better understand BLIPs.

111 =========== Joseph Vella *AT* Colgan On. ( Great lakes soaring )
Good work sir.

114 =========== Perry Judd *AT* Cuyuma, CA
Need to be able to zoom in on areas in the map.

117 =========== ---------- *AT* Salida, CO
Feel free to show my survey to anyone, I just don't want my e-mail posted on the web wher a SPAMBOT can find it. Thanks, Shawn

118 =========== Brian Milner *AT* Peterborough, ON
GREAT program - love it :)

123 =========== John Brennan *AT* Rockton, Ontario, Canada
You are doing a wonderful job for soaring. Conditions around the Great Lakes seem to offer the most challenge in forecasting terms. Otherwise excellent work.

131 =========== Russ Hustead *AT* Payson, AZ
I think the SSA should financially support both ETA and RUC blipmaps and make them free to SSA members. I think this would increase SSA membership. Keep up the great work, Dr. Jack and friends.

132 =========== Herbert Kilian *AT* Hinckley, IL
Anything that gets more people out to the airport and then eventually to fly cross-country is worth supporting. Your work definitely does that very well. If payment for your information is what it takes to continue the services, I'm willing to pay for them! Last year I flew 3,200 documented x-country miles, more than in any prior year of 23 of soaring. Your forecasts had a lot to do with my soaring enjoyment, thanks!

145 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, CA
It's clear you've spent a lot of time on this. Please try to laugh off any negative comments. Just because some parameters aren't as useful or accurate for me doesn't mean I need or want them to be better. I am VERY satisfied with the products in their current form.

145 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, CA
Sustaining BLIPMAPs to me is more important than continuing development, but I think this would also be a little boring for DrJack. Site maintenance may be becoming a burden. I'd love to see this product continue, even with no development or improvements, because it is so useful in it's present form. Would airlines be willing to pay $$$$$ for turbulence avoidance? Would it be enough to pay a stipend for a "maintainer employee"? I think many of us love the products, are willing to pay, and want to ensure the service continues, but this may take more assistance and effort to free up DrJack from the daily travails...

150 =========== David Martin *AT* Soaring Club of Houston, Waller, TX
Thanks again for your efforts. The blipmaps are wonder tool and I look forward to a prediction for 1 and 2 days out saoring forecasts. I think that will be very useful.

154 =========== ---------- *AT* Chilliwack, BC, Canada (many launch sites)
Love 'em! Whatever you do, keep them coming.

155 =========== ---------- *AT* Hollister
I have been trying to predict the weather for several years now with the interest of flying R/C sailplanes and now full size sailplanes. Before the internet it was difficult. With the internet it became much better, because the information was available but still had difficulty interpreting it correctly. Then came BLIPMAPs which was a quantum leap. There is nothing else like BLIPMAPs.

159 =========== Richard M. Maleady *AT* Lancaster, SC
If this is the space for final comments--the line above is partially cut off on my screen--I want to say that the availibility of the BLIPMAPS is of utmost importance to me. I do not use them to predict whether I will hit 5,382 feet that day but rather as an overall, extremely accurate and easy resource. Seeing an outstanding BLIPMAP the evening before can create some excitement, as well as an attempt to reschedule the following workday.

160 =========== ---------- *AT* Alexandria Indiana (formerly Terry airport)
We speak of "Dr. Jack" with considerable reverence around these parts.

166 =========== James Gaar *AT* Ottawa, KS
This is a GREAT servise Dr. Jack and we thank you fro your work and dedication. I only wish I could get it AT the flight park. It's a small airport and they don t have internet service.

166 =========== James Gaar *AT* Ottawa, KS
Tahnks You very much. Come fly with us!!

174 =========== Wayne Walker *AT* Warner Sprngs/Bishop in Summer, CA
Dr. Jack, Your work is vastly appreciated and as a group I'd guess that anything reasonable that you wanted will be done. Please keep up the great work and get the SSA to support BLIPMAPS as mush as possible. PS, thank you for addig the ETA forecasts and larger overlaps they, I think that will help expand the user base. Wayne Walker 1-26 #366 Jay Walker

175 =========== lou scheel *AT* minden, nv
great format

177 =========== ---------- *AT* Hobbs, NM - Hobbs Industrial Airpark
Thanks very much for your work in providing this information. It certainly beats the "guesstimated" plots available previously (at least for this remote place).

179 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY near Wurtsboro, NY
In New England I don't know any other HG pilots that refer to BLIPMAPS. Most seem to think they are inaccurate or maybe too much data. I would be interested if there are any sailplane pilots in New England that use them and what their opinion is.

196 =========== ---------- *AT* Middletown CA / crazy creek
The Blip maps are an important service to soaring, and I would be happy to contribute to make sure they contine.

199 =========== ---------- *AT* Cushing Field, Newark IL
I like the format. I like to have the data and draw my own conclusions based on your math. The BLIP maps are an invaluable resource. I have a web page at home which links to 6 of your blip maps together to give me one screen with all the info (I want) for my area. I think this would be a useful addition. My prefs stored on your site so that I can always pull up the same 6? images in the same way. I hate the thought of having to pay for a service like this but I understand the dilemma. Perhaps an approach could be made (if not already) to USHGA for support of this project.

212 =========== Steve Arndt *AT* Ascutney, VT
Thank you very much for providing this service Dr. Jack.

214 =========== ---------- *AT* Sequatchie Valley, Tn
Even without the ETA's, I want to make sure Blips continue, and continue to improve. So I am willing to subscribe to achieve these goals.

217 =========== ---------- *AT* Harnett County Apt, Erwin, NC
Your BLIPMAPs provide an incredible amount of information that appears, to me, much easier to understand than the plots of graphs with multi-colored lines that were always undecipherable to me. Just tell me if I should assemble the glider or not :-) And your idea of surface winds will help me know at which end of our runway I should assemble. I'm usually the first one at the airport and, on the very rare occassion, the wind changes from the time I start my set up to the launch time. Oops! Thank you for your service and may your forecasts this year be better than last! (Rain, rain, go away. Come back on during a work day!)

221 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* FDK MD
I will miss the RUC f/c availability for the night before. Whether longer term f/c will be meaningul is highly speculative based on years of watching longerterm local wx f/cs.

222 =========== Greg Chapman *AT* GHSA Houston,TX
Thank you very much for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated. My take on BLIPMAPS and what I tell people who might be upset if not absolutely accurate is that they are a lot like medical tests. An individual or isolated use could be off, but repeated use over time gives opportunity for comparison and determination of relative merit, significance, and therefore a benchmark for where this particular prediction falls into the overall scheme of soaring conditions.

226 =========== Dick Mansfield *AT* MVL VT
The use of colors is excellent for a quick check as to whether to leave work early

227 =========== Jim Wolf *AT* Avenal, CA
Long on meteorological jargon, inaccessible to many, too many acronyms, codespeak. There is too much of this in aviation in general.

230 =========== Casey Lenox *AT* Pleasant Valley, AZ
This is a super service and I would do whatever it takes to support continued use and development of the system. Thanks Dr. Jack!

231 =========== ---------- *AT* Sterling, MA
Jack, you've provided a great service to the soaring community and I'm delighted to hear that you've recovered from burnout. I'm most grateful. I'd be happy if you did no more than maintain the service in its present form. I also believe that the SSA should support your efforts in very possible way.

234 =========== Brad Wilder *AT* Bob Lee Airport Deland, FL
drjack, I haven't had the opportunity to utilize BLIPMAPS to any extent. I am however viewing and attempting to understand all this information for use in the future. I would hope that at least the RUC would be available without subscription for all. I probably wouldn't have given them a try had subscription been required. Thanks, Brad

235 =========== Rod Smythe *AT* 1V5, Boulder, CO
I find Blipmap to be a useful resource. I don't think that am yet making as much use of it as I would like, becuse I have not been doing as much soaring as I want to.

241 =========== Alan Hoar *AT* Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
The extent of coverage into Alberta and BC is not great, we are near the edge at Calgary, Alberta. I assume that the data is not available to extend BLIPMAPS further north? I would pay to subscribe, but only as long as our area is still covered. Lat long is N50.7 and W114.1. We also fly at N53.5 and W120.45 (Valemount B.C.) Realating the BLIP maps to Lat and Long would be great.

245 =========== Rick Culbertson *AT* Kelly Airpark / Elbert, CO
Jack, Your blipmap is the best tool I have to forcast my weekend xc routs in my Colorado flying zone. I often use it to determine if I'll fly into the Rockies, east on the plains or both and what specific flight path I'll attempt. The convergence is very handy in this respect. I realized my dependency on your forcast during the few time the system was down. It would seem to me that casual pilots haven't discovered the blip map yet, but any XC pilot worth his salt finds your blip map the essential tool for successful running around in big air. Thank you for this fantastic gift, I'll support your endevors in any way I can.

248 =========== ---------- *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
Rather than charge a subscription fee, is it possible that clubs, through SSA, could provide enough support to sustain your efforts? I am the president of DGA (Dallas Gliding Assn.) and we recently expressed our support with a donation. I would suspect that other soaring organizations would be willing to do likewise. Thanks for your efforts.

251 =========== Oats Schwarzenberger *AT* Texas Soaring Association, Midlothian, TX
I find Blipmap very accessible and useful I would like to see major soaring locations, like TSA identified on the Oklahoma/Texas maps for better geographical reference.

252 =========== ---------- *AT* Alamogordo NM
I find blipmaps to be generally accurate and useful. However, to be honest, I find the local NWS soaring forecast to be contradict with the blipmaps quite often. And, more often than not, the NWS forecast is more correct. I like the blipmap regions, however. Perhaps the new model will solve these issues.

255 =========== George M. Hernandez *AT* Woodford's Tully, NY
EXCELLENT WORK ! Beats the heck out of plotting skew-t's. Thank you, George (former NOAA Weather Service Specialist)

257 =========== ---------- *AT* Richmond Field, Gregory, MI
This is a great resource, your work is definitely appreciated. I have not been able to use it much in the passt year, but I hope to change that in the coming season.

260 =========== ---------- *AT* Chipman, Alberta Canada
BLIPMAP is a high quality service, and definitely warrants financial support, by subscription or by a national association. My willingness to subscribe would probably be contingent on a slight northern extension of coverage, to say 55 degrees north in Alberta. For my situation, with a decision to go flying carrying a major commitment in time, gas and vehicle the ETA possibility, with forecasts by supper time the day before, is very attractive. Cheers Bruce

261 =========== ---------- *AT* Truckee/Minden
Very good and useful service.

262 =========== Hal Chouinard *AT* Truckee, ca
I don't know what we would do without your site.

263 =========== ---------- *AT* Middletown, Ca
I would love to see higher resolution Thermal Updraft Velocity (W*)mapping with topography if possible and soaring airport locations (ie. Middletown & Williams California for example) indicated on said map. I am very greatful for all your work. Subscriptions for this service would seem reasonable. Thank you. Rob Langhofer

267 =========== Kurt Wimberg *AT* Arco ID. Moore ID, Jackson Wy.
I don't use the map, only the blipspot print-out Thanks for doing blipmaps

269 =========== Paul Summerskill *AT* St. Catharines, Ontario
Again I express my appreciation for making BLIPMAPs available. There are indications that further formal study of thermal activity and raptor counts will be undertaken at various locations in North America.

272 =========== Sam Fly *AT* Texas Soaring Association TA11
Keep the data flowing to us.

275 =========== ryszard krolikowski *AT* Blairstown,NJ
Last summer when I spoke with John Good(US team cpt)about worlds in Poland , I suggested him asking you for Polands Bmaps .He was sure it is not posible.Was he right?Could our team have some silver bullets at Sweden worlds ? Ryszard Krolikowski(english is my second language) Not possible for many reasons

276 =========== Doug Levy *AT* Warner Springs, Ca
Dr Jack; I wanted to send you a check last year but my employment situtation was not good. I can now afford to send you some money to help support the projects. If you send me an address I'll send you a check. The use of See You and blipmaps has done a great amount of help for soaring. Keep up the effort. After looking at the Blipmaps I found that they really showed what I had experienced on other flight. Now I study them often and do route planning. I hope to have better access to the internet next year in Bishop however if I'm there I'll fly reguardless of the forecasted lift. Thanks Doug Levy

278 =========== Reb Byrne *AT* Cherry Valley, AR
Keep up the good work and fly as much as you can!

280 =========== ---------- *AT* Dansville Airport, NY
A truly outstanding product. Keep up the great work, it is much appreciated.

281 =========== Judy McCarty *AT* numerous mid atlantic sites PA, MD
I love BLIPMAP! It's my favorite tool for deciding whether or not to fly as well as where to fly. Thank you for your hard and dedicated work.

282 =========== Jim Hays *AT* Air Sailing, NV
I have been a user since the beginning, and love the blipmap. I was a HG pilot back then and soon let blipmaps tell me where and when to go. Now, as a sailplane pilot I basically use blipmap as one stop planning except for winds, for which I use unisys. I do not even bother looking at the very unreliable NOAA Reno Soaring Forecast. I find the "experimental" Goes Satelite Soundings to be the best spot analysis tool around the soaring area (timely and accurate). Thank you for BLIPMAPS. jim

286 =========== ---------- *AT* Boulder, CO
BLIPMAPs are an outstanding tool for cross-country soaring task planning. They present a large volume of useful data that can be assimilated quickly. I would miss the BLIPMAPs greatly if not available. Thank you for listening to user feedback and adding the ETA models! I would be happy to pay twice the suggested fee to get a product that is reliable and "always on." THANK YOU Dr Jack for providing this service that makes our limited soaring time more useful!

291 =========== ---------- *AT* Hemet Ryan/Hemet Ca.
BLIPMAPS are extremely valuable. You are providing a fantastic service to the soaring community. Don't work so hard on this that you burnout. It would be a real loss to have BLIPMAPS go away. Tom Riley

293 =========== Bob Gibbons *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
Thanks again for all your hard work Jack!

299 =========== ---------- *AT*
thanks for the great work again Jack

302 =========== ---------- *AT* Hempstead, TX
My use of blipmap would be more productive if i could get my aerotow hang gliding group to sponsor a local specific forcast. The area is difficult to predict and is often doing the opposite to the surrounding area. It is an area of locally slightly higher ground.

303 =========== Bill Ricker *AT*
Great information, I wish there was a meterology web base course based on BLIPMAP /BLIPSPOT to make better use of the information.

306 =========== ---------- *AT* Mission Peak -- Fremont, CA
Dr. Jack, The service you are providing the soaring community is phenominal! I cannot thank you enough for the awesome soaring days I have had that I may otherwise have spent cleaning the bathroom. I currently use your products mostly when flying locally since I don't have internet access when flying in the mountains or deserts. For this purpose, I find the BLIPSPOT to be the best source of information by far. In particular, I use the "Mt Diablo" BLIPSPOT most often, as it is the best indicator for Mission Peak, Ed Levin and Mt Diablo (the order in which I'm likely to fly those sites). Of particular importance with the BLIPSPOT is the wind speed & direction as a function of altitude and time. This is important to us hangglider pilots as wind direction at launch is critical for foot launched flight. Also, if the Oakland sounding looks good in the morning, I can see from your BLIPSPOT the exact time I should start driving up the hill to get the best part of the day. An addition to the BLIPSPOT that I'd love to see -- if it's even possible -- would be a temperature vs altitude and time (i.e. a predicted sounding over the course of the day). Inversions often shut us down and this would be a great predictor for us. I am very happy to hear of your plans to implement the ETA model. In particular, predictions to 84 hours in advance will be wonderful. I would love it if your BLIPSPOT's were also included with this venture. Again, thanks so much for the wonderful gift you have given the soaring community.

308 =========== Pete Alexander *AT* Williams, CA
THANKS!!!! BLIPMAPs provide the soaring insight and motivation for the 2 hour one-way drive. It really helps me to believe in the soaring possibilities when I'm on the fence which is usually about 25% of the time.

312 =========== ---------- *AT* Ely MIA Contests Alamogordo, US
You have done a great job. I have used your Blipmaps over the USA last year. At contests and record flying attemps. Like I said earlier, to be able to download the images and then show them on my moving map display on Winpilot would be really a **big bang for the buck**.

315 =========== Joe Simmers *AT* MNN Marion, Ohio
I LOve Blipmaps!!

319 =========== ---------- *AT* indianapolis in
Would be interested in a blipspot for Indianapolis MQJ and willing to pay for it. Thankyou for all off your work. See "new blipspot" info on BLIPSPOT page

324 =========== Steve Burany *AT* Rockton On (near Toronto)
Southern Ontario is one of the worst locations in the world to do soaring forecast. We are completely surrounded by the Great lakes. Blip Map is a great tool for us to predict lake effect problems, thermal height variations, convergences etc.

326 =========== ---------- *AT* fd40
Thankyou for all your work!

328 =========== Rick Conger *AT* Walnut Creek, CA
I haven't had time to fully understand the BLIPMAPS and all options already these questions might already be addressed in the current BLIPMAPS forecast. 1) Is there a map showing the different BLIPSPOT locations? When I go to a new flying's been tough to easily find the closest BLIPSPOT forecast. A map showing the "exact" BLIPSPOT location would be a simple tool to pick the closest location. I know I can get this via lat/long coordinates, but it would be nice if it was built in. I.E. I don't know where Crazy Creek, Panoche, etc are located....can you just show them on a map of California? See FAQ 2) How much trouble is it to add a BLIPSPOT for a flying site not currently covered? See "new blipspot" info on BLIPSPOT page 3) Is lapse rate shown on the BLIPMAPS? I don't recall it being there, but it's been awhile since I've used the BLIPMAPS (thought they were no longer available). I often use the website below to look at the lapse rate....but it's setup in a format which is very simple to understand versus a skew-T graph. Is it possible to add something like this to the BLIPSPOT forecasts? If you feel it is problem...I've just found it valuable and easy to understand. I probably use this (currently) as my biggest decision maker to go flying. I'll have to see how the BLIPSPOT forecast compares to this in the future for my own knowledge. 4) A final note.....thanks for all of your hard work on the BLIPMAPS. You have provided a great service to the soaring community!!

330 =========== Cliff Hilty *AT* Turf Soaring Peoria, AZ
Wonderful job ont the blipmaps and realizing the need for capital to continue I sincerely hope that they continue and that the SSA is forward thinking enough to support this!

331 =========== ---------- *AT* Blairstown, NJ
Thank you very much for your fine efforts. I've soared many times due to BLIPMAP

334 =========== Paul Letourneau *AT* Sky Soaring, Hampshire, IL
Keep up the good work!

335 =========== Chip Evans *AT* Franklin & Winchester, IL.
I fly powered-paraglider here in west-central IL. in generally calm conditions, 2-3 hrs before sunset. I use "launch code" alot but still cross reference with this site to avoid the bumpy stuff. Love the fresh updates. Still learning how to use it thou. Would love to get to the point kicking the motor down and ride soft thermals but I'm still a bit of a new pilot and I'll need a reserve.

336 =========== David Grah *AT* Bishop, CA
BLIPMAPS are a huge service to the aviation community.

338 =========== ---------- *AT* Ridgley MD
Just want to say Thanks for providing such a useful service.

340 =========== David Norinsky *AT* CrystalAire, Llano, CA
I have found blipmap's to be extremely accurate and, as a result, the most usefull tool for soarablilty on any given day. Thank you for one of the most usefull soaring tools available.

341 =========== Scott Neumann *AT* Lancaster, SC
If one has the heart for soaring, it now only becomes a question on time, money and the weather. I my option, your Blipmaps significantly improve my use of time for the sport, give me better overall payback on my monetary investment in the sport, and certainly help interpret the weather. This translates to success in the sport of soaring for myself and others. Thanks again for your continued focus, development and heart for this sport.

342 =========== Jeff Dorwart *AT* Danielson, CT
I applaud your efforts. Your project has taken a lot of drugery out of preflight planning and had added a critical user-friendly interface to the weather picture, something that the FAA and NWS cannot seem to do. Thanks from all us glider pilots!

347 =========== ---------- *AT* (BSB) or S_Butte_ID
Dr. J. I am interested in getting more information than just the BSB that currently pops up on my screen, so if you could tell me how to get other "BLIP MAPS", I would appreciate it. Also, I would like to get info near or at my recently discovered site in the middle of Wyoming. I will pay for you to add it if nothing else is close. Call it Steamboat Rim WY LZ (or abbreviate) and coordinates are N 42 degrees 00.40 minutes,W 109 degrees 03.68 minutes. Please let me know by shooting my a line on the e-mail above (my survey came on the same e-mail). See "new blipspot" info on BLIPSPOT page

351 =========== ---------- *AT* Sky Soaring / Hampshire, IL
This is a business (unless you have unlimited time and will live to be 200) that takes your valuable time. Seriously consider how other businesses on the web have moved to the subscription model after they have generated interest by giving their product away free. Frankly, people will value your product when you show that you believe it has value.

360 =========== Ian Cant *AT* Tehachapi CA
Please e-mail me and tell me where to send my check.

362 =========== Milton Hare *AT* Williams, CA
BLIPMAP has changed cross-country soaring in the United States. In the last three years many of us have tried flights that would have been unthinkable without the assurance of BLIPMAP forecasts. I know many with limited time for flying who use BLIPMAP to choose only the very best days for soaring who are having great soaring seasons without wasting time on bad days. It has truly been a privlidge to watch you make your vision come true. Thanks again Dr. Jack. Milt Hare

365 =========== Steve Koerner *AT* Turf and Estrella, Phoenix AZ
greatly appreciate blipmaps!

367 =========== ---------- *AT* Pendleton, Ontario, Canada
Keep it UP!

371 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
I enjoy the availability of of these predictions. I do need to really look at them and study a bit more to really fully undertand them. That has been a plan of mine to get done this year. Thank.

373 =========== Shaughnessy, Bill *AT* Stanton, MN
The most difficult part of using blipmap occurs for the novice, first time user. If the introduction to the information could be made more simple and straightforward, I suspect many more folks would use it.

374 =========== Paul McClure *AT* Decatur, TX
Thank you for the excellent service you are providing the soaring community! I'm an aerospace engineer and would be interested, at some point, in deeper study of soaring meteorology. Work and family demands are so high right now though, that I'm not sure I will even have time to fly this season. Generally, it seemed the soaring was not as good as forecast but the BLIPMAPS were still a useful tool. (I do subract about 200fpm from the thermal updraft velocities but think you should leave this alone as glider performance and the size of the thermals will determine this value.) Any chance you can predict average thermal diameters and variability in diameter. Seems this would be highly dependent on local geography and VERY difficult to predict without knowing the size of the local plowed fields and Walmart parking lots!

375 =========== ---------- *AT* Soaring Society of Houston, Navasota, TX
I really appreciate your efforts and always learn a from your comments. THANKS

380 =========== Dan Bourgeois *AT* Boulder CO
Keep up the great work!

383 =========== ---------- *AT* Hood River, OR
Just re-entered the sport last year after 15 year hiatus, it's like a new world! Your Blipmaps are without a doubt one of the most useful planning tools for both local and XC soaring. I often have to make a decision about soaring/not soaring the night before or early morning. Great Work!

384 =========== ---------- *AT* Tehachapi, CA
Thank you for your dedication.

386 =========== G. E. (Tim) Wood *AT* Arthur, ON
BLIPMAPS are great! Thank you for making this important contribution to our sport.

388 =========== Bob Davis, SSA state governor *AT* (DKX) Knoxville Downtown Island Airport
time limits my using BLIPMAPS for cross country flights, so most flights are intros, training, and checkrides. I encourage the new glider pilot to look at your site.

392 =========== ---------- *AT* MEV
I believe you should be using these graphic forcasts if you aren't. They are great!

395 =========== Bob Fidler *AT* Ionia/MI
We all love you, Dr. Jack

401 =========== Dean Chantiles *AT* Warner Springs CA
Dr. Jack, Keep up the great work. Thanks! Dean Chantiles

406 =========== Bill Shepherd *AT* Morton, Issaquah, Bow, Chelan WA
I find it hard to distginguish the color areas apart. If there was a way to zoom in or expand the picture to full screen, would be very helpfull. Is there any way you can add cities or allow us to enter a city location or a launch site from a gps?

407 =========== ---------- *AT* El Tiro - Tuscon, AZ
Your blipmaps are a tremendous service to the soaring community. I think you should go to a subscription basis, and get paid for your time. If there are folks who don't want to subscribe, so be it. But hey, they are not paying now. Even if someone only flies six or eight times a year this is a great service. Keep up the good work. We love your data!!! Steve Dashew

410 =========== John Watkins *AT* Springfield, VT KVSF
I live 100 miles from our soaring site. Aviation forcasts, simple soaring forecasts based on lapse rate, etc. are not as useful as BLIPMAP as they don't consider enough factors to provide an even reasonably accurate prediction of soaring conditions. I find that with BLIPMAP, I don't have as many wasted trips. Equally (or maybe more) importantly, I haven't stayed home as often on what turned out to be a good soaring day. For me, the savings in time and gas would justify $25-30/yr subscription rate. However, since I'm primarily a recreational flyer, if I lived near the soaring site, I probably wouldn't subscribe. Based on this, I would guess you would have better financial returns with BLIPMAP(at least the RUC ones)an SSA service or provided through club subscriptions. Once again, thanks for all the hard work to provide a very useful service to soaring pilots of all types.

419 =========== Rolf Beyer *AT* Harris Hill, Elmira, NY
I'd like to thank you for all your efforts developing BLIP maps and making them available to all of us. You really made a great advance in this area. I feel, BLIP maps really have made soaring weather predictions much easier to make for us average(weather)folks. Keep up the good work.. Best regards, Rolf

420 =========== Ray Wood *AT* Rockton Ontario Canada
I use many sources of weather info that are freely available, I am not likely to stsrt paying for the info unless none of it is available free.

421 =========== Dr. Hugo Vifian *AT* Hollister
As I said before, Blipmaps are the best thing that happend for people like me who are not good at interpreting the behaviour of weather frogs... Thanks Jack, you are doing a great job and I hope you will keep it up, Hugo

422 =========== ---------- *AT* Sky Soaring Inc.
I enjoy using the Blipmap and I think you have done a fantastic job of making it available to us. However, my education and background do not allow me to use much more than you are already providing. Thanks alot,

425 =========== Ken Gihring *AT* Monticello, IL
Have you considered offering club memberships, in which a soaring club would pay a (significantly higher) fee so that any member of that club would be able to access BLIPMAPS? It would cut down on the number of subscriptions to track, and perhaps offer some advantages in promoting BLIPMAP use and training new users.

427 =========== Tom Hardy *AT* UBS - Columbus, Mississippi 39705
I would like to see the number of colors for wind direction reduced, so as to have greater contrast between colors. I am not color-blind, but find it hard to decide just what colors match the BLIPMAPS.

431 =========== Eric Westphal *AT* Houston, TX
I would love to see your wave forecasts for other areas, too. In particular, I sometimes soar in West Texas (Marfa) and Alamogordo, NM. There is frequently good wave there, and your wave forecasts for NV look extremely useful. It would be great to have this info for NM, too! In any case, thanks so much for an extremely valuable service.

433 =========== Mike Stramba *AT* CPC3 Arthur, Ontario, Canada
A great service ! The predictions have been very accurate for the N.E. area in 2003 even for the limited time that I was soaring (oct-nov), look forward to using the system in 2004 during the spring/summer season !

435 =========== Todd Herzog *AT* ADG, MI
Keep up the good work. Your work is greatly appreciated in the soaring community and we dont give you the thanks you deserve for your contribution!

438 =========== Roque Serpa *AT* Avenal, CA
Although I started flying gliders in April, 2001, I am only now getting serious about cross country flight. I often felt that I was commenting on things in this survey that were beyond my knowledge/experience level.

440 =========== Eric Niedrauer *AT* Truckee CA
Your program is nice in that it shows trends to be expected during the soaring day. Weather is so complex that I really cant expect a perfect forecast of what to expect, and in fact a perfect forecast would turn soaring into just another video game. Thanks for all your effort and keep up the good work!!!

443 =========== David Schuur *AT* Lawrenceville IL
Thanks Jack, Whether or not BLIP maps continue, they have been fun and I've learned a lot. Hope to learn more.

444 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara CA
I am particularly looking forward to being able to use BLIPMAPS and SEEYOU together, or at least to be able to register or align a BLIPMAP on a sectional. Thank you for all your efforts!

447 =========== Dick Divelbiss *AT* Ionia County, Ionia, MI
I've been a kid in a candy store ever since I doscovered BLIPMAPS.

455 =========== Daniel Ruegemer *AT* Hollister, CA
Thanks for providing the TIPs and BLIPSPOTs. They are really great.

456 =========== Daryl Seibel *AT* Little Rock, AR
This is a great tool that could be used beyond the soaring community. The BLIPMAP's provide me an added element of weather analysis for my flight tests. They especially important to my soaring activities even though I have limited access to soaring at his point.

457 =========== ---------- *AT* Mt Magazine Havana, Ar.
I can only use this typically one day out of each weekend because I'm normally camping and away from my computer the second morning. It's nice to know what the soaring forecast is for the day but I can and do go without it on a regular basis. The mornings I can't get the Blips are no different than when they were not available... gotta just get out and see what the day has in store for us. You can't fly if you don't go!

466 =========== Eric Greenwell *AT* Richland, WA
The night before forecasts are especially useful socially, as I can make plans with my wife sooner than otherwise, which helps our marriage! I'm pleased that "constant color" assignments will be pursued for lift strength and other parameters.

477 =========== ---------- *AT* Ridgely, MD
The BLIPspots are great. That is really all I need. I do look at the FSL output and can get a feel for the day that way, but it is nice to get a bigger picture from your MAPS. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

478 =========== Tom Brabeck *AT* Lake Elsinore, CA
The BLIPSPOTS are also an excellent tool. Living at the beach, but flying at Elsinore, Warner, or the desert make BLIPMAPS and BLIPSPOTS invaluable to completing successful tasks. Please keep up the great work!

481 =========== Bob Maronde *AT* Crystalaire, CA
Keep up the great work. The Blipmaps have revolutionized cross-country soaring.

484 =========== ---------- *AT* Caesar Creek, OH
Every were I have gone to fly gliders, invariably those who know the most about "reading" the weather, pull out the most recent BLIPMAP. BLIP's have been a great aid in picking flying days and letting contests get a handle on were to send the contestants. If money (subscriptions) are needed to keep the effort going, I am all for it. Thanks for all the work so far.

488 =========== ---------- *AT* Invermere, BC
I love the blipmaps, thanks so much for providing them, however ... since flying is no longer in my back yard, such that I can modify my work schedule to match soaring conditions, my need for short-range thermal specific forcasting has diminished, and I would not subscribe .. thanks again

489 =========== ---------- *AT* Mountain Valley Airport, Tehachapi, CA
I tend to use BLIPMAP output in a qualitative/comparitive fashion and do not pay too much attention to the exact precision of the forcasts. Who cares if it's really 6 knots or 9? Cloudbase at 13k'or 14k'? In general I can see if the weather is quite good or not worth flying, and map my flight accordingly. All my flights are out-and-returns, as my "crew" is not hardy enough to survive the rigors of retrieval, and my wings weigh 200lbs apiece, so good weather information becomes even more important. I wish that there was and easy way to bring the output with me on the flight, as I always have to scratch my head and try and remember if I'm responding to today's forcast or yesterday's.

490 =========== ---------- *AT* Waynesville, OH
Thanks for this great service. I must admit that I have been a user for only two years and am educating myself in soaring weather prediction. Because I am at best a beginner in the area, I do not understand all that you have to offer. For this reason, I did not complete the section on specific charts and chart usage. No reflection on the material presented, just my own slow learning. Again, thank you for this great tool.

491 =========== Doug Haluza *AT* Julian PA
The biggest obstacle to using the BLIPMAPs is assimilating the information available on separate panels. It would be very useful if the maps could display multiple parameters. This is possible using the ARL READY interactive maps. Plotting isobars or wind flags would be a big improvement. This would help to understand the underlying phenomenon. The topography background is somewhat useful in understanding how topography is forcing the parameters, but it would be better if other parameters were availble also. Some useful combos would be: Wind flags on B/S ratio (topography is probably not as much of a factor here) Isobars on wind speed in the boundary layer BL depth contours on Thermal updraft velocity.

497 =========== ---------- *AT* Boulder, CO
I like em! But I try to not get pigiond in to one source. I look at all the info I can. Prog, Winds aloft wave forcasts, lifted/k indexes and a look out the window.

498 =========== ---------- *AT* San Diego, CA
Would be awesome if BLIPMAPs can be produced for Canada as well !

502 =========== Mark Mason *AT* Idaho Falls ID
I like the BLIP maps ! great soaring tool

503 =========== ---------- *AT* Cushion Fields - AURORA IL
I love Blipmap and wish you the best ! It was great idea ! I would like to write article about BLIPMAP to Polish Aviation Magazine - it is OK with you ? best regards Hang Gliding pilot (about 1100 hours with HG) Kris Grzyb

504 =========== ---------- *AT* Invermere BC
BLIPMAP is the best 'on the day' forecast I've used, I'm very impressed

507 =========== ---------- *AT* Warner Springs CA
Dr. Jack ... Thank you very much for your work in this area. I think that your information should be made freely available to all that are interested in its use. However, I strongly feel that your costs and labors should be compensated accordingly, perhaps on a voluntary basis. Our club sponsors your blipmap data for all users at our gliderport, I hope others follow.

509 =========== ---------- *AT* Jean, NV
Thanks for taking the time to provide such a great service. The graphic picture of expected lift makes task planning infinitely easier. This reduced leaving the airport and lets see what happens. This is a great product.

512 =========== Larry Springford *AT*
I appreciate your work in this field. It is useful. Thank you.

517 =========== Mike Parker *AT* El Tiro Gliderport Tucson, AZ
Thanks for doing the Blipmaps. Its very useful for me.

520 =========== Burt Compton *AT* Marfa, TX
We sure appreciate your work. The Marfa, west Texas predictions are very accurate. Please bill us for theis season's subscription.

521 =========== Kurt STrong *AT* Beloit, WI (44C)
I have found that the Blipmap is the most useful weather prediction tool available. I base all of my personal flying on the Blipmap. I also use Kevin Ford's site.

523 =========== Heinz *AT* Arlington, WA & Ephrata WA
I also use this and the TIP Sheets to get a better picture/understanding of the things I see overlooking the Puget Sound from my home. Both are agreat tool.

524 =========== ---------- *AT* Middletown/CA
There's no two ways about it - the benefit of BLIPMAPs (either form) to the soaring community is far too great for them to not continue.