14 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, Ca
My thought for keeping SSA and BLIPMAP separate is that SSA might not be able to maintain and support the BLIPMAPs. But then the other side of the coin is that if SSA took them over it might have the opposite effect of making sure they are continued by training other people and the set up of a support base. Truly is a double edged sword and feel the differing selections are not truly independent and are a bit ambigious.

15 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
I may subscribe if I see a benefit SSA should not pay for supporting BLIPMAPS. I suspect that the people that propose that SSA sponsor this expect the SSA to find the money for it somewhere. It would support only a portion of the membership, and they won't be able to raise their dues to cover the expenses. This needs to be a user fee.

19 =========== Ivan Jaszlics *AT* Boulder, CO
I have not studied the ETA vs RUC problem, so at this point I have no comment. Subscription or not, I have supported your site in the past and undoubtedly will do so in the future - but I realize that not a very large number do this. What I fear is this: you go on a subscription basis, then the subscriptions will be inadequate to support the subject of the subscription, and then it dies out...

22 =========== ---------- *AT* Invermere BC Canada
Poses some difficulty for Canadian pilots using your services in BC

24 =========== ---------- *AT* BDL/ Suffield, CT
I understand the need to derive income from this research. Unfortunately for my size glider the data is not sufficiently useful to warrant any additional money spent on it. E.g. I did not make enough of my decisions whether to go flying or not based on BLIPMAPS, but instead used the data to corroborate my decision *or* to motivate myself.

28 =========== ---------- *AT* Elk Creek, CA
While I would not probably join, I still feel this is a very valuable service, and one I would support if I flew more often.

30 =========== ---------- *AT* Woodrat Mtn OR
The Woodrat Blipspot became available at the end of last season. I am currently working with the pilots to promote its use. I think these questions can be better answered after a season of experience.

33 =========== Jean-Claude Hauchecorne *AT* Ephrata, WA
The service provided is very useful to me. There should be a charge to all users to cover the cost to run the system.

35 =========== Ido Millet *AT* Jamestown NY
I believe this is, without a doubt, something that the SSA should fully sponsor, so it becomes free to all SSA members. Long-term, this is the only correct approach and attempts to support this project via donations/subscriptions is actually counter-productive for several reasons.

40 =========== John Seaborn *AT* Boulder, Colorado
I have a BIG worry about the SSA managing IT systems. If the site was BRANDED with SSA web design and you ran the site then great. The ideal might be for the SSA to pay you a fixed fee and come up with a split on the subscription fee for the service.

43 =========== Miguel Flores *AT* Holllister, CA
When I start to fly cross-country, I would gladly subscribe to obtain ETA or RUC BLIPMAPS. I think this service is of such wide usefulness that the SSA/USHGA should fund the operation and development of BLIPMAPS using both RUC and ETA models and be freely available to the public.

45 =========== Bill Geiger *AT* Keystone Gliderport Julian, PA
I think less than all SSA members use Blipmaps and that many users are not SSA members. The only advantage I see to the combination suggested is to make more SSA members aware of Blipmaps. The main disadvantage I see is that the SSA is not the best funded organization around and some of its members seem love to quarrel with any spending decisions and decry any raise in dues.

47 =========== Greg *AT*
I know that SSA has it's hands full and like all organizations has a limited budget. I also feel that the wider use of Blipmaps can really help soaring and can vastly improve the enjoyment of the sport. I would keep SSA out of the direct process of payment but they could help by endorsing and promoting you service ie links and articles and free or discounted advertisment. I like the pay to play for your service, but until most people are forced to pay, most will not feel the need to. Just human nature. Hauling out the checkbook or mastercard is a pain. I think the idea of a area specific forcast suported by a group in that area would be very valuable. It would be easy to get the XC members of our club to pool $100 bucks or so togeather to get accurate and site specific forcasts.Getting each of those folks to pony up 40 or 50 each would be harder and they may neverdo it. Thanks for all that you have done to improve this great sport.

49 =========== Jim Phoenix *AT* Ephrata, WA
Blipmaps are important and must be supported. Limiting access to SSA members won't work, because only one SSA member at a glider operaiton need print it out for many to use - it's a non-starter idea. For that matter, if blipmaps were limited to suscribers only, there remains thhe possibility blipmap syndicate being formed for access between small groups of pilots who fly regularly to avoid the cost of the subscription. That is why I believe voluntary subscription by users should be strongly encouraged to support the program.

50 =========== ---------- *AT* Peoria, AZ
I would support this however it is done, but I would prefer it be a members-only service to help drive some more SSA membership.

52 =========== Bill Brown *AT* Byron, CA
I understand and respect your desire/need to gain some compensation for all this work. I really don't know whether I would spring for $30 for this or not. I DO know that I would certainly support increasing my SSA dues by $5-10 and then accessing BLIPMAPS through the SSA website.

56 =========== Jaime Pinto *AT* SOSA Gliding Club - Toronto - Canada
I'm NOT an SSA member and WOULD NOT join SSA just to access RUC BLIPMAPs or ETA BLIPMAP I AM a SAC member, and I'd like to see how this could be addressed in Canada.

61 =========== Ernst W. Schneider *AT* Invermere, BC
we are absolutely willing to support Blipmap up here in Canada as we think you did a tremendous job with this tool for the soaring community. But having to be an SSA member to have access to the forecasts would not be a good thing. There are enough association fees we already pay and we don't need another one and the SSA and all the politics which comes with it is nothing we need. We have enough with our own association and politics. I can't speek for my club members here but I'd not become an SSA member and would go back on plotting my own temps and interpret them.

73 =========== Linda Salamone *AT*
If I decide to fly sailplanes I would become an SSA member.

78 =========== ---------- *AT* Kars, ON, Canada
I am NOT an SSA member and would not become one, but I would subscribe to ETA blipmaps or to RUC blipmaps.

82 =========== John Downiing *AT* Hemet, CA
I am pleased you are going to ask for membership. You have created a very valuable tool and if membership revenue will help Blipmaps to continue and be available more consistently, I am all for it! BTW: I am NOT griping about missing any days as this might seem. You deserve a life too! Thought: How about a higher CLUB rate? Surely clubs will subcribe and share the info with members every morning by posting it on the board. Why not appeal to club's good intentions and ask them for a higher fee? If they really can't afford it a member could just subscribe. But if they can, then they should pay a higher share and I honestly don't think anyone would complain! Thanks Dr. Jack for all the effort you have put into this project.

83 =========== Frank Spital *AT* Sterling MA.
I'm not sure how much benefit there is in getting SSA sponsorship. I tend to believe in markets and in products that stand on their own merits. I think you have done outstanding work in developing Blipmaps. If SSA sponsorship provides SSA with any decision authority on availability and future development, I'm not excited about it. I'd trust you more than anyone else. If SSA sponsorship is absolutely required in order to make Blipmaps economically feasible then I guess it would be okay, but I'd rather pay more and have it in your hands.

85 =========== ---------- *AT* Mission Ridge, CA
I'd approach my club, the wingsofrogallo to make the data available to members (about 500 of them) on the members only section of the website. I currently get holtips and find this service invaluable.

86 =========== Bob Lacovara *AT* Philadelphia Glider Council, Hilltown, PA
I would like to see SSA compensate you for your services and make access to BLIPMAPs a member service.

88 =========== ---------- *AT* California City
Keep SSA out of it, they have a poor record of success with computer related issues, and the reliability of the Blipmap service is currently excellent.

90 =========== ken grosh *AT* alliance, ne
SSA has made many nice improvements to magazine recently, they are also discussing ways to further the sport of soaring. I think the support of BLIPMAPS would incorporate nicely into their efforts.

91 =========== ---------- *AT* Gadsden, AL
I QUIT the SSA and intend to stay QUIT. A subscription is no problem.

92 =========== ---------- *AT* Spokane, WA
I think you should lump the whole BLIP MAP service together and charge $20 per year with a 50% discount if they are an SSA member. Assumming SSA chips in some support funds

103 =========== ---------- *AT* Hammonton, NJ
My monetary support would probably be contingent on availability of earlier forecasts, e.g., ETA 40, up to 84 hours in advance, early enough for me to re-arrange my schedule when appropriate.

106 =========== ---------- *AT* Morrisville, VT
Not sure what I'd do, but will certainly want to use blipmaps of some sort, and will pay for them. Perhaps you should consider lowering the price for ETA access thus getting more subscribers and making it unnecessary to charge for RUC? I suppose you may use this survey to decide. Re: SSA sponsorship: I oppose making this service available to SSA members only, but would welcome SSA's help in helping ensure the availability. How about free or reduced-price access to SSA members while retaining full-price access to non-SSA-members?

109 =========== Gary Rubus *AT* Buena Vista, CO
I infer from your statement "good thing for both BLIPMAPs and the SSA" that you have some reservations. With money comes influence/oversight: I hope my interests as a non-competition pilot flying long cross-countries for badges/records only are protected by what you decide to do with SSA. Enough of my SSA dues goes toward supporting the (undeserving) competition crowd already. I'd be against subsidizing the contest directors.

111 =========== Joseph Vella *AT* Colgan On. ( Great lakes soaring )
I'm a SAC member (Soaring association of Canada, don't you know ). Maybe SAC would also provide some funding toward blipmaps so that Either SAC or SSA membership would provide access. I would not join the SSA.

119 =========== Gary Evans *AT* Phoenix, Az
I would like to see everyone pay for either service.

126 =========== ---------- *AT* Bass Harbor, ME
I suggest you contact Davis Straub at the OZ Report for some advice on this matter. I think you should establish a Pay-Pal account immediately and make it available on your site. Although we hate to see commercial clutter, you may also consider sponsors.

128 =========== ---------- *AT* Nampa, ID
I don't think the SSA has the resources or finances to support Blit. If you need and should receive financial support then ask for it from the useres.

134 =========== Mark Koepper *AT* Serling MA
I'm willing to pay for Blipmaps through the SSA, through my club, or directly to you.

137 =========== ---------- *AT* erwinna, PA
JAck- your forecasts are extremely useful and I would be happy to contribute to keep them available. Beyond that, I think sponsorship by SSA, in some form, would be also appropriate.

142 =========== John H. Bisscheroux *AT* Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada
Being in Canada, if this were to become an SSA members only matter, then we'd need to approach the Soaring Association of Canada as well.

145 =========== ---------- *AT* Avenal, CA
There are too many other users of BLIPMAPs to really link this to SSA too strongly. Sure if they will sponsor it that is great (don't turn down support) but a $30 required fee for RUC alone seems quite reasonable. If continuation is a money issue, please CHARGE FOR THE SERVICE! And continue to encourage donations too. I suspect more Angel donors will appear as the economy improves. Personally I don't know anything about ETA or why it is better. I'm extremely satisfied with the current service and if it just continues to provide even just Hcrit, W*, and B/S, that would be a 90% solution for me, and easily worth the $30-$50 a year.

149 =========== Andre de Baghy *AT* Caddo Mills TX
My understanding is that SSA has some serious budget problems and them supporting Blipmaps may weeken blipmaps which is probably better off independently.

154 =========== ---------- *AT* Chilliwack, BC, Canada (many launch sites)
I'm not sure how all of this affects Canadian soaring pilots, but I'd be willing to pay a small-ish subscription fee to have the same or better information, than is currently available.

159 =========== Richard M. Maleady *AT* Lancaster, SC
Necessary funding for BLIPMAPS is critical. I defer completely to your decesion on whether SSA invlovement would be beneficial to BLIPMAPS. I don't see how it could NOT be beneficial to the SSA.

161 =========== Vic Thompson *AT* Kars ON (Canada)
I'm Canadian, and already belong to SAC so I don;t see any point in becoming a SSA member.

166 =========== James Gaar *AT* Ottawa, KS
I would hope to make enough income from our towpark to pay for a subscription but I would have to get the approval of my 2 other partners

178 =========== H.D. (Bill) Heidel *AT* Hawkesbury (NV4) ON
In case a subscription will be required in the future, it may be that either our club would subscribe, or that one or the other "well-to-do" member, who obtains a subscribtion, will share his information.

179 =========== ---------- *AT* Ellenville, NY near Wurtsboro, NY
I am not understanding why RUC info will not be available the evening before. If this is going to be true of RUC predicted soundings as well, then I might sign up for ETA BLIPMAPS to get this advantge.

183 =========== Gary Haynes *AT* Boulder CO
I think it would be good for any "FREE" products. If you have a chargable portion, then either the SSA pays you for that service level, as part of the SSA dues, maybe at a reduced rate or I wouldn't give them something for free.

198 =========== John Godfrey (QT) *AT* Ridge Soaring, State College, PA
In theory this would be nice to provide as an SSA service - however, the SSA is in such bad shape organizationally and financially that not only doesn't it make sense to add things to its plate, things must be removed at least temporarily. coupled with the fact that Blipmaps serve other populations (e.g. hang gliders) I believe it is best to have them exist independent of any other organization for the time being.

200 =========== Tony Gaechter *AT* Truckee
I support SSA funding of the BLIPMAP project, but would not like SSA to be such a key supporter that they would feel they could dictate what features are added or how the service is offered. Individual users should also support this project.

208 =========== Jay gianforte *AT* Woodfords Apulia NY
Not sure

212 =========== Steve Arndt *AT* Ascutney, VT
This may help increase the membership of SSA which would be a benefit.

214 =========== ---------- *AT* Sequatchie Valley, Tn
If the SSA actually gives you, Dr. Jack, a good deal (better than individual subscribership) I would be in favor. But with their past history, it is probably not best.

217 =========== ---------- *AT* Harnett County Apt, Erwin, NC
I'm not sure about the SSA involvement. It is your project and I would prefer to see the program advance as you see fit.

221 =========== Bill Whelan *AT* FDK MD
I sent a $30 check last year. I think the product is very good. But if costs were to go up substantially, I'd probably decline the oppt'y to use the resource. Because I feel there is a utility to continued use, I sent money last year. I have found them to be a reasonably good validation of my own "sitting on the ground" seat-of-the-pants assessment of conditions based on 9 seasons of flying here locally.

229 =========== ---------- *AT* sunflower aerodrome, yoder, ks
Do what you need to do about the costs. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

231 =========== ---------- *AT* Sterling, MA
Night before access is a great help in planning my life. 84 hour forecast would be even better.

232 =========== ---------- *AT* ASE
I shipped my Nimbus 3DM to Bitterwasser, Namibia (Africa) and it will stay there - so I have no glider here in the US at the moment - and it may stay that way - so my "future" use of BlipMap may be limited - but I believe it is an excellent service and I have answered the questions as if I had a glider here and would fly it - so you can have my opinion. I used to use the Univ. of Wyoming wx page, but they cnanged it and the Skew-T diagram and data chaned so that I could no longer use it sucessuflly. I especially liked the former "Max Lift Rate" feature

250 =========== Bob Koehler *AT* Flying X Ranch Gliderport, Montevallo, AL
If SSA supports b/m financially, then b/m should be available to active SSA members.

252 =========== ---------- *AT* Alamogordo NM
That price seems steep to me. I pay a lot less than that for other subscriptions. When combined with SSA subscription, that makes at/over $100 a year for soaring subscriptions. I am a club flying pilot; I am not affluent with my own sailplane.

254 =========== ---------- *AT* kerry
I'm a member of USHGA

255 =========== George M. Hernandez *AT* Woodford's Tully, NY
This service has become a valuable part of our small operation. Many of us fly on a small budget. I wouldn't mind paying a small fee ~$25 or less. I have linked to your maps on my soaring web page and hopefully this will bring in registered users.

268 =========== Ray Perino *AT* Invermere, BC Canada
I'd probably ask our club to subscribe and use the data available fro the clubhouse computer.

269 =========== Paul Summerskill *AT* St. Catharines, Ontario
My comments made as a naturalist interested in raptor migration therefore I would be pleased to clairify any of my comments. Today hawk watching involves G.P.S. radio transmitters, radar, satellites, wireless phones, ultralight aircraft, computers, websites, e-mail and databases and binoculars. Therefore Blipmaps must be included in my list and be recognized as making a major contribution to understanding raptor migration.

275 =========== ryszard krolikowski *AT* Blairstown,NJ
New maps = new expierence ,lest see it first and then we decide if we subscribe

278 =========== Reb Byrne *AT* Cherry Valley, AR
This is a great tool that fosters and promotes soaring. It needs to be available and if the SSA will help it should be available for all. I will support it.

281 =========== Judy McCarty *AT* numerous mid atlantic sites PA, MD
I would be an ETA subscriber whether or not SSA were involved.

282 =========== Jim Hays *AT* Air Sailing, NV
I think it would be wonderful for SSA to support blipmaps. Now, however, my SSA dues gives me little in return.

294 =========== Michael McCormick *AT* Williams Soaring Center, Williams, CA
Another option might be to make them free to SSA members, and charge a fee only to non-members.

295 =========== Carl Anderson *AT* Kars ON Airport ID PL3
I am a SAC member and would support SAC making some contribution to BLIPMAP funding.

303 =========== Bill Ricker *AT*
Bit confusing, I would either subscribe or join SSA to receive ETA maps. The ETA maps allow me to plan for weekend trips. If I had ETA maps (either through subscription or SSA membership), I wouldn't pay extra for RUC maps.

307 =========== ---------- *AT* Elko, BC
Please give us some time to access the various options that might become available. Cost of joining SSA? Cost of RCU? Cost of ETA?

310 =========== Steve Ford *AT* Truckee, CA
Blipmaps are worth $50 a soaring season to me.

311 =========== Larry Hood *AT* Williams
There's no free lunch... I have (and will continue to) support Dr.Jack and Blipmaps. They're a valuable tool for the soaring community and well worth the fees discussed above. As always, the rub is that the fees need to be high enough to support the development and maintenance while not killing off the demand.

312 =========== ---------- *AT* Ely MIA Contests Alamogordo, US
SSA should support Blipmaps and as a member of the SSA this should be a member use for free.

322 =========== ---------- *AT* Alexandria, IN
Judging from your past survey, sailplane users are, by far, the largest group using BLIPMAPs. If SSA were to support this financially (I am unsuree at this point if that is a good or bad thing for either of you) then I feel SSA members should have priority access. What I would want to preserve, though, is if some other users would like to access your work they should still have the opportunity to do so. This could be accomplished by subscriptions, plus you could approach the associations that represent the other users, like hang gliders, and see if they are interested in supporting this. Since soaring pilots have shown no lack of independence, I would hesitate to require them to join SSA to gain BLIPMAP access. However, there might be a financial incentive to join, such as a small discount to the BLIPMAP subscription if you are an SSA member, assuming SSA does provide $$ support. Thanks for the opportunity to send my opinion. Thanks especially for BLIPMAP and BLIPSPOT!

323 =========== ---------- *AT*
i dont totally understand any of this, but i think it could be useful in my hawk migration research

327 =========== Tim Welles *AT* Harris Hill, Elmira, NY
Please do what you have to do (subscription, etc.) to keep BlipMaps viable and available. Thanks for what you have done so far! Tim Welles

330 =========== Cliff Hilty *AT* Turf Soaring Peoria, AZ
I think the SSA SHOULD support one of the most accurate and timely advances in Soaring weather prediction in history and will be sorely dissapointed if they don't!

332 =========== ---------- *AT* Crazy Creek, Middletown,CA
SSA is too beauricratic and oriented away from technical issues to be entrusted with BLIPMAP.

334 =========== Paul Letourneau *AT* Sky Soaring, Hampshire, IL
I understand the need for financial support and would contribute some, but the dollar numbers noted above are somewhat more than I would pay for the service.

346 =========== Ken Hanford *AT* Chicago Glider Club, Minooka IL
BLIPMAPs are a great tool, easy to use and documented well enough to teach a novice. I go soaring/gliding when I can regardless of conditions for the most part so there is no need for me to subscribe but I will wholely back potential SSA support. Thanks for all your efforts.

347 =========== ---------- *AT* (BSB) or S_Butte_ID
Dr. J. No offense but I'm an engineer and it makes my head hurt to try to figure out what you are talking about. Your jargon is technical in nature and most of us have other things to keep track of and don't have experience with nor time to learn new things. If you defined your abreviations, that would be a good start. I answered as best I could after making some assumptions.

351 =========== ---------- *AT* Sky Soaring / Hampshire, IL
Let's make this work so that you're fairly compensated. Your time and expertise are valuable. There's nothing wrong with being compensated well and loving what you're doing.

360 =========== Ian Cant *AT* Tehachapi CA
Blipmaps should be available to all potential users. Not necessarily freely - I would be happy to pay for my use. With the history of the SSA website, I would be very unhappy to see them responsible for any of the maintenance or real-time aspects of your service; financial support would be great [Good Luck !].

361 =========== ---------- *AT* Crazy Creek, Middletown, CA
I'm an SSA member, USHGA member. Since USHGA and SSA are "sister" orginizations, if SSA members have access, it would follow that USHGA members should have the same access.

362 =========== Milton Hare *AT* Williams, CA
I think the SSA and USHGA should commit to an annual contribution of $10,000 per year each for BLIPMAP administration, support and development and ensure that it is developed into a stable and long-lasting service for all soaring pilots in the US and beyond.

365 =========== Steve Koerner *AT* Turf and Estrella, Phoenix AZ
I think having an SSA board involved would just complicate Blipmap work and gum up the works. Best to stay independent and support all of the contingents.

369 =========== ---------- *AT* Waynesboro, VA (W13) and Front Royal, VA (FRR)
Note -- you can get the ETA and RUC forcasts for free. They have been very useful to me. Our club pays for a BLIPSPOT which is very useful. I fully understand the difference between a BLIPMAP and the point source of the RUC and/or ETA model, but in general getting one or two ETA forcasts on the ends of a planned flight works great. For these reasons, the cost issue is not terribly important to me.

371 =========== ---------- *AT* Ephrata, WA
I plan on being back in a job so the cash flow will not be a problem.

374 =========== Paul McClure *AT* Decatur, TX
I would pay if I was actively flying, perhaps even if I was not.

375 =========== ---------- *AT* Soaring Society of Houston, Navasota, TX
Im not sure what "RUC and "ETA" Mean?

377 =========== ---------- *AT* Wurtsboro, NY
Subscription Question - Answer not etched in stone. A big factor will be the relative usefulness of the two models. SSA Question - I want to delete my answer but can't! If the SSA sponsors BLIPMAPs, then everyone who uses the forecasts, SSA members or not, should pay something. How about a fee paid directly to the SSA by non-members specifically to help cover the costs of the BLIPMAPs? It seems a bit much to ask them to purchase a full membership just to have access to the forecasts. Even better, are there other associations (for hang gliders, paragliders, etc.) that might join with the SSA to sponsor the BLIPMAP forecasts?

381 =========== Ben Rogers *AT* hernandez
You might consider getting funding from USHGA and having an USHGA number login. Or, have a club membership so club members have acces.

383 =========== ---------- *AT* Hood River, OR
I'm not active enough to justify subscribing.

385 =========== Steve Leonard *AT* Sunflower Gliderport, Hutchinson, KS
Unlike some in this area, I do not believe 100% in forecasts. Because of this, I hav egotten to fly on some days that they missed. But I have also missed some good days. I think the BLIPMAPS are a great aide in seeing what the day might bring. And I will use them and am willing to support them.

387 =========== ---------- *AT* 0B7 -- Warren, VT
I strongly support the SSA providing Blipmaps to all I suggest a way for Blipmaps to be provided through a portal site (such as and that the portal site could contribute.

395 =========== Bob Fidler *AT* Ionia/MI
The SSA needs to do something for all soaring pilots, that is support and fund blipmaps, I hope Dr. Jack could amd would tolerate such a relationship.

397 =========== Dan Shoemaker *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
I could help you contact the USHGA and get them to possibly sponsor as well. It's worth a shot. I could possibly write an article for the magazine explaining what people would get if USHGA sponsored their access, and the members could give input to the org. I'd like to see the pilots use it and see how well it works in various areas.

407 =========== ---------- *AT* El Tiro - Tuscon, AZ
The biggest improvement I would like to see is the ETA data - and as soon as possible! Both Mike Parker and I like to do long flights, and it takes a bunch of time to go through all the various forecasts to guess which is going to be the best day out of the next two or three. I'm sure many other pilots who may only want to fly one day of the weekend will use this as well (i.e. they want the best day of the two). We start our long flights in early April - so hopefully you will have this up soon.

408 =========== ---------- *AT* Spartanburg Dowtown Airport - Spartanburg, SC
There should be some middle ground that allows SSA support and individual support from non SSA members

409 =========== ---------- *AT* BFSS, Elbert, CO
I think support by only the SSA, while helpful, could be limiting to BLIPMAPS.

410 =========== John Watkins *AT* Springfield, VT KVSF
I have proposed that our soaring club make a voluntary contribution to BLIPMAP as it seems to provide a useful function to many members. Don't know if that's happened yet, but will follow up when we meet again. This would be another option - club subscriptions. It could be that many pilots who might not subscribe on their own would support club subscriptions. Of course, we all have to be SSA members, so if this became an SSA service, a club subcription would become a moot point.

413 =========== ---------- *AT* Richland,WA
I suggestthat a reduced rate for the BLIPMAP service be available to SSA members. I think that this would give support to both SSA and BlIPMAP.

419 =========== Rolf Beyer *AT* Harris Hill, Elmira, NY
Getting a higher accuracy and better relevance to terrain/location by adding lat/long, or even just identifiers would improve things..

421 =========== Dr. Hugo Vifian *AT* Hollister
I would like to make this a predictable revenue stream for you and therefore suggest that you charge a yearly fee of no less than $50 for every subscriber and give them everything. Having been a researcher all my life I hate not having a reliable budget to work and plan with. Try it for a year and see what happens? If thre are not enough people subscribing then you can always ask for additional support?

428 =========== Bob Roth *AT* Fingerlakes/NY
I plan to make a decision at a later date on subscription

432 =========== ---------- *AT* Blairstown, NJ
Each organization must decide on its own what services are to be offered. So long as members of non-participating organization have the ability to subscribe as individuals I see no problem with SSA offering the service to members.

433 =========== Mike Stramba *AT* CPC3 Arthur, Ontario, Canada
subscribe per monthly basis would be useful, as soaring season in Canada shorter than in Souther U.S., also I might only be soaring for XX mths of the year

435 =========== Todd Herzog *AT* ADG, MI
1. You can consider the RUC check to be in the mail. I spend thousands of $$ every year soaring, $50.00 is an inconsequential expense, especially considering the value. 2.The PM forcasts are very important to me. 3. Long term forcasts (3-4 days) would be very nice, especially leading into the weekend.

441 =========== ---------- *AT* La Grange, GA
None of the above: Read: I am an SSA member and would support SSA involvement in Blipmaps only if it also covered ETA forecasts for SSA members. Lower resolution forecasts at a later time are not worth the SSAs money. Nor would I be interested in viewing them personally. Getting 2nd rate information because one isn't 'good' enough to get the real thing is an insult.

444 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara CA
If offered as an "SSA Service", then it should be a value obtained in return for membership dues. This would enhance SSA Membership. I can't see the relationship to BLIPMAPS other than as a source of funding. There is no doubt that BLIPMAPS is an imp[ortant tool for all soaring pilots - whatever can eb done to preserve and develop BLIPMAPS will have my support, and that of the soaring community as well.

455 =========== Daniel Ruegemer *AT* Hollister, CA
The BLIPs and TIPs provide so much value to the soaring community that it should be sponsored by the SSA.

457 =========== ---------- *AT* Mt Magazine Havana, Ar.
I'm not sure about if I would pay or not. I have never subscribed to any online site before because I can't afford the fees. My history would say I would do without the BlipMaps before paying but this is one site I might not want to do without. How ever, I got around just fine without the Blips before.

459 =========== ---------- *AT* San Diego, CA
I'm broke at the moment so it's hard to say I can pay but things should improve and I'd then be more inclined to pay, regardless of the different possible future plans for the blips

463 =========== Jeff Melin *AT* Alexandria, IN; formerly Zionsville, IN
I believe it would be beneficial to have an FBO/Club rate and charge more for that than to require each user who flys from such a facility to each pay individually.

464 =========== Chuck Deerinck *AT* Sky Sailing, Warner Springs, CA
I would have preferred an option saying "I'm an SSA member, and will support whatever form you and the SSA agree upon".

467 =========== John Medley *AT* Crystalaire Llano, CA
Due to my regularly flying in highly varied terrain, I think the ETA model granularity would be the most beneficial improvement that I could personally forsee. I am one of the guilty ones that knows I should be paying for your service but just haven't taken the time to do it. Forcing me to pay for your services (which I can not live without) would get me off my a** and send you a check, which I really don't have a problem with doing at almost any price.

468 =========== ---------- *AT* Austin, TX
Rather than join SSA, I'd rather have an affordable means of paying for access as an individual than joining SSA. USHGA may be willing to do something similar, although our purchasing power is far, far less than SSA. Also, the ETA seems to be a poor model here in Texas. I use it to judge the timing of inbound fronts when I'm interested in flying prefrontal in the morning, but it seems to consistently overestimate windspeeds, and the laspe rate calculations seem to be inferior to AVN/RUC. Maybe it's not the case elsewhere.

469 =========== ---------- *AT* Statesboro, GA
SSA should sponsor your work, or purchase your software and provide the service themselves. I feel the same way about the Soaring Forecast available from ROAB data.

475 =========== ---------- *AT* Batavia, OH
Don't know yet.

485 =========== ---------- *AT* Pendleton, On
How about a "Gliding Club" subscription for a group of X-country pilots ? (Canada)

486 =========== Martin Hellman *AT* Hayward, CA
I really appreciate all you've done and contributed $200 last year. If you got enough donations to warrant continuation, I'd encourage you to do so. If you charged $45 for ETA, I'd still come up with $100-200 a year as an expression of thanks.

489 =========== ---------- *AT* Mountain Valley Airport, Tehachapi, CA
The SSA continues to evolve into a beurocracy that often appears as self serving as it is a service to the soaring community. Thoreau said: "He who travels alone travels fastest, and travels by his own path". If you did not have full creative say in the running of Blipmaps, I could see lesser minds wanting to hamstring it to their convenience. On the other hand, some sort of "covering" under an organisation might benefit you. Only you can decide, Dr. Jack, and BLIPMAPS is you.

491 =========== Doug Haluza *AT* Julian PA
The only thing I get from BLIPMAPs that I cannot obtain from other sites is thermal updraft strength. The most useful information for pre-flight planning is wind in the boundaty layer, and boundary later top. For long range planning, I use windgrams. Since I need to obtain this elsewhere, I probably would not subscribe to the BLIPMAP service, but would support SSA providing this.

495 =========== David Barnhart *AT* Darlington Jet Port, Darlington, SC
I can't really say if I would or would not subscribe to ETA at this point. If necessary, I would subscribe to the current version (RUC), but I would only subscribe to ETA if I see how they work out and then decide if they are worth the extra money. I certainly have no problem supporting BLIPMAPs, but I need to decide if the help I get from them is worth the expense.

499 =========== Tom Hardy *AT* UBS Columbus, MS
My support of availability only to SSA Members and ETA BLIPMAP subscribers is based on my feeling that otherwise there were would not be enough financial support to keep the program going.

504 =========== ---------- *AT* Invermere BC
I think SAC should follow SSA lead

512 =========== Larry Springford *AT*
As a Canadian who flies frequently in the US, I'm not sure what my decision would be. I'm prepared to buy access however.

513 =========== Walter Gleason *AT* Lake Village IN
SSA dues are not much higher than the proposed BLIPMAP subscription cost. Idealy any user would have a way to access a free sample before being required to pay for continued use. Perhaps yesterday's forcasts could be accessed freely but the prognostications would require payment.

515 =========== Ramy Yanetz *AT* Hollister
What can be done to maintain the original FSL 24 hours blipmap if the ETA forecast will prove to be not as accurate as RUC? In this case I would suggest shifting efforts towards maintaining the FSL blipmap if at all possible. Loosing the accurate evening blipmap forecast will have a significantly blow on the usefulness of blipmap, since in many cases the decision to fly needs to be done the evening before.

517 =========== Mike Parker *AT* El Tiro Gliderport Tucson, AZ
Hang gliders should be able to get access without SSA membership. Perhaps through some fee structure or through other sponsorship.

524 =========== ---------- *AT* Middletown/CA
I don't know how the user demographics are with respect to glider/hang glider/etc. users. I'm assuming the majority of users is glider pilots. Given what I perceive as a nationwide user base, I would think the SSA should be at least partially involved in all of this due to its benefit to soaring in general.