3 =========== ---------- *AT* Chicago GLider, IL
arrows/streamlines rather than colors would be nice

36 =========== Tony Gaechter *AT* Truckee, CA
Higher BLIP Map resolution would help. Not resloution of the direction, but resolution of the map input data.

38 =========== Martin Hellman *AT* Hayward, CA
This map gets so complex, it may be accurate, but its hard to say since hard to read. I've cked "accurate enough," but really want to say "do not know."

39 =========== Tom Saunders *AT* Blairstown, NJ 1N7
Same as above.

45 =========== Chris Ruf *AT* LaGrange, GA and Benton/Chattanooga, TN
I will repeat my previous suggestion that wind barbs would be signifantly more intuitive than gradiated colors for wind direction. I see how you may have learned to read this from your intimacy with it, but for the general user this nonstandard method is not an easy way to communicate this information. Hopefully there is someone out there that could give you the code for this.

46 =========== Gale Winnett *AT* Marion Municipal Airport, Marion, OH
Had not seen reference to this info before.

51 =========== George Morford *AT* Mission Peak, Fremont, CA
Priority #4

53 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
Get my winds elsewhere - still model data, but presented more usefully for soaring.

56 =========== J Meier *AT* Mancos, CO
We often get 90-180 deg wind dir. changes over 3-5000 ft.

57 =========== ---------- *AT* Sterling, MA
See above

59 =========== Frank Peel *AT* Fremont, CA
The wind direction here is generally easy to forecast.

62 =========== Matt Gillis *AT* Hollister, CA; Truckee, CA
Provides a good regional view of forcast wind direction.

71 =========== ---------- *AT* Manquin Flight Park, Manquin, VA
As good as any of the other NWP models, although the mean direction is not all that useful for my purposes. This is one of eight graphics I routinely use.

72 =========== Colin J Barry *AT* Boulder, CO
Wind always blows from the west at altitude around here.

77 =========== ---------- *AT* California City, CA
graphical display of vectors instead of colors would be more useful

102 =========== ---------- *AT* HDH (HI), TRK (CA), MEV (NV)
A nice to know for dry thermal drift.

111 =========== ---------- *AT* Canon City, CO
Might be nice to have a vertical profile for wave.

135 =========== Harry Fox *AT* Hollister, CA ; Truckee, NV
Again, since I have access to BLIP forecasts for the places I fly, those are more precise and therefore more usefull.

165 =========== ---------- *AT* Crazy Creek (Middletown) CA
Don't know how to evualate with it.

167 =========== Walter Rogers *AT* California City, CA
Contouring wind direction is confusing. I' recommend using vectors, barbs or streamlines for your displays.