46 =========== Gale Winnett *AT* Marion Municipal Airport, Marion, OH
I have not taken the time to understand or appreciate the value of this piece of information.

53 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
Seldom look here

59 =========== Frank Peel *AT* Fremont, CA
This is one of the primary parameters I view to determine how good a day will be.

62 =========== Matt Gillis *AT* Hollister, CA; Truckee, CA
Rather than use this parameter, I have already considered the general buoyancy of the atmosphere based upon the moisture, fronts, high vs. low P and forcast lapse from FSL-MAPS and winds aloft. It is a resolution issue.=20

71 =========== ---------- *AT* Manquin Flight Park, Manquin, VA
Haven't spent enough time with it to have an opinion and in general, don/t care about the forecast quantity.

111 =========== ---------- *AT* Canon City, CO
It's Colorado - hard to use here.

135 =========== Harry Fox *AT* Hollister, CA ; Truckee, NV
I'm just learning to pay attention to this.

142 =========== Bob Semans *AT* Minden-Tahoe Airport, NV
In the great basin, the available elevated heat sources often yield higher thermal heights. So these are used for record course design and the actual flight track around the course flown depends greatly on what is found after I'm in the air.

167 =========== Walter Rogers *AT* California City, CA
Jack, I forgot what this is. I'd have to go back to your definitions to recall it. Oh yes, I just read the definition. Now I remember, it's the difference between TI 0 and TI -4. Probably more useful if height of BL top were graphed with error bars.