45 =========== Chris Ruf *AT* LaGrange, GA and Benton/Chattanooga, TN
did not notice this previously - will start looking at it now.

46 =========== Gale Winnett *AT* Marion Municipal Airport, Marion, OH
Had not seen reference to this info before.

53 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
My third screen

59 =========== Frank Peel *AT* Fremont, CA
Most flying here is of the "blue thermal" variety.

62 =========== Matt Gillis *AT* Hollister, CA; Truckee, CA
Good compliment to water vapor imagery. Good indicator for areas of OD or areas of moisture induced bouyancy.

84 =========== ---------- *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
local interpretation difficult to evaluate

117 =========== ---------- *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
Trying to correlate with the potential for cloud development, something over 50% seems to correlate with cloud development.
One user reports that ~40% works in the Sierras.

135 =========== Harry Fox *AT* Hollister, CA ; Truckee, NV
I haven't yet figured out the pattern for which values are good predictors of cumulus at which locations. I have found the cloud predictor in the Hernandez BLIP forecast to be usefull -- if the value is minus a couple thousand there will often be cu along the convergence.