9 =========== ---------- *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
used the blipmaps for paragliding

13 =========== ---------- *AT* Hobbs, NM
Two glider owned/operated by me and my wife are a 1-26 adn a B1 PW-5.

14 =========== ---------- *AT*
I am an amateur meteorologist and I flew single-engine land airplanes with an IFR rating several years ago.

29 =========== ---------- *AT* 2K0 Monticello, IL
Although I now only fly central illinios I look at nation wide blips and natioal weather to better learn area wx types

35 =========== bill newsom *AT* Minden, NV
Just thanks a million.

37 =========== ---------- *AT* Turf Soaring, Phoenix, AZ
Reg privacy. I don't care who sees my comments, I just don't want my email address out there. Since I didn't know what you meant by "Survey privacy" i marked "Just Jack"

41 =========== ---------- *AT* hemet, CA and driggs, ID
cross country for me is an out and return or triangle ending at home airport. legs are 30 to 60 nm.

42 =========== Ray Williams *AT* Mountain Valley Apt. Tehachapi, CA
Record attempts consist in 1000K when weather suggests the possibility.

46 =========== Gale Winnett *AT* Marion Municipal Airport, Marion, OH
I also based a sailplane at Sequatchie Soaring in Tenn. for 6 years while belonging to COSA for 19 years. To explain, I I kept the ASW-15 at Sequatchie, and the 1-26 and the Grob 102 III (no b) at Marion. Our club, Central Ohio Soaring Assn. has held a fun contest in late Sept. since the early '60's.

48 =========== David Piotrowski *AT* Wurtsboro, NY
Skill level is "on the verge" of cross country...using blipmaps has helped me understand weather and soaring conditions and I believe they will be extremely helpful in furthering my soaring goals

53 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
Most of my Blipmap experience has been on local flights N and E of Santa Barbara CA. It has been very useful both to suggest where the lift might be, and when it is worth going soaring or not.

56 =========== J Meier *AT* Mancos, CO
FootLaunch Hang Glider pilot

59 =========== Frank Peel *AT* Fremont, CA
I fly sailplanes on a limited basis currently. Acquiring my license is in the long-range plan and an instructor has been selected and consulted.

60 =========== Larry Hood *AT* Williams, CA
I'm relatively new and am working through the badges.

74 =========== ---------- *AT* Warner Springs, CA
1-26 pilot, about 20 days x-c on safari most summers

79 =========== Jim Rooney *AT* Sacramento, PA
H3 AT/FL, 1 year flying

87 =========== John Earlywine *AT* Kendallville, IN
Primarily local flying and short cross countries from Kendallville, IN. Am getting warmed up in a DG-1000 and plan to get going after some state records and participate in regional contests next summer.

102 =========== ---------- *AT* HDH (HI), TRK (CA), MEV (NV)
I use Dr Jacks programs each day I plan to go gliding and find the information to be more accurate than other soaring forecasts. Frankly I sometimes feel there's more information than I want. Predicted thermal strength, tops of lift band and areas of best lift for the day are probably all I'd need plus trigger temp. The rest is in the nice to know catagory but not essential to me. Additional information of general interest might be areas of probable convergence and wave. Overall a helpful and needed product. Good work Jack. Rich

116 =========== ---------- *AT* P15

119 =========== ---------- *AT* Pendleton, ONT, Canada
I use it mostly for southern and eastern Ontario, Canada

124 =========== ---------- *AT* Turf, AZ
2003 soaring season includes plan for 1000K++ straight out attempts.

128 =========== Dave Rolley *AT* Kelly Airpark, Elbert, CO
Most of my flying is within 50 miles of my launch point with several flights a year (4 or 5) that venture out to the 100 - 125 mile distance. The majority of my flights are less than 3 hours duration.

133 =========== ---------- *AT* Alamogordo, NM
On May 28, 2002, I flew a 942 km three turnpoint flight from Alamogordo,NM in my ASH25. This flight was a National Record. The day before, on May 27th I flew a 300 km out and return for a NM record. I have made several other long distance flights from Alamogordo during 2002 and 2001. I refer to the BLIPMAP before each flight and also check the previous days conditions which are really important to establish a trend. I consider the information invaluable for long distance soaring flights.

135 =========== Harry Fox *AT* Hollister, CA ; Truckee, NV
No serious contests yet -- just PASCO League.

136 =========== Clay J Thomas *AT* Black Forest Soaring Society Elbert, CO
Cross country anytime it is there, otherwise local.

140 =========== ---------- *AT* Chilliwack, BC, Canada
The information provided by the resources on Dr. Jack's site are phenomenal! It has aided my flight planning tremendously over this past year, since I discovered it. My one wish is that it covered more of Canada. I normally fly in the Pacific Northwest, and usually near my home (southwest corner of British Columbia, from 40 to 60 miles inland and very near the border). Using the very top northwest corner of the "Northwest" BLIPMAPs, I can make a reasonable guess at what's going on in my area, as well as a little further north (ie. Whistler, Squamish, or Pemberton areas). It would be great, however, to see other areas in British Columbia, that are centres for a lot of recreational flying. Coverage for areas like the Okanagan (Kamloops, Vernon, Osoyoos)and the Kootenays (Golden, Invermere) would be fantastic.
That has now been done

145 =========== Dean Chantiles *AT* Warner Springs, CA
New glider owner and also new to cross country.

147 =========== Bob Fidler *AT* Ionia, MI
Look at Blipmaps everyday.

149 =========== Tom Stowers *AT* Minden, NV / Ely, NV
Ely Nevada soaring camps need use only the Blipmap It is the best!!!!!

150 =========== Jim Cooper *AT* CA/NV
Great system!!!!! Thank you so much for your efforts!!!!! Jim

162 =========== ---------- *AT* Salida, CO
Long time in sport, but job has prevented accumulation of contest or record flying time. Owned Ventusb for 15 years. Former military pilot.

164 =========== ---------- *AT* MEV Minden, NV
Haven't flown in a contest since '98...

165 =========== ---------- *AT* Crazy Creek (Middletown) CA
Fly locally because I am new pilot- started in April- have 70 hrs, 100 flights. Will start cross country training this spring. Will fly club planes at Minden and Truckee this year.