53 =========== Terence Honikman *AT* Santa Barbara, CA
Not used

59 =========== Frank Peel *AT* Fremont, CA
Most flying here is of the "blue thermal" variety. OD is very uncommon here except during stormy weather.

62 =========== Matt Gillis *AT* Hollister, CA; Truckee, CA
I look at this more carefully when there are other indicators of moisture and instability. I can be helpful for GO/NoGo, direction of flight or if it is a day to return early.=20

71 =========== ---------- *AT* Manquin Flight Park, Manquin, VA
I look at this mostly for grins b/c Internet CAPE graphics from the other NWP models are uncommon. This is one of eight graphics I routinely look at.

84 =========== ---------- *AT* Caddo Mills, TX
difficult to see effects localy

135 =========== Harry Fox *AT* Hollister, CA ; Truckee, NV
Generally helpfull as a predictor of thunderstorm potential -- good for deciding which areas to avoid in late afternoon.

167 =========== Walter Rogers *AT* California City, CA
As a professional meteorologisty, I'm probably the only one who would find this useful.

169 =========== Chris Cioffi *AT* Manquin Flight Park, Richmond, VA
I use this as a cross check for Thermal Updraft Velocity. One one my assumption is that if both are high I need to consider the possibility of not-so-fun flying conditions.