BLIPMAP CA/NV Labor Day Convergence Line

BLIPMAP = Map of Boundary Layer Information Predictions

Javascript Animation

This is a Javascript animator.  You will need Netscape version 4.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher and Javascript enabled to view this.  Because of the large file sizes, it will take a few minutes for the files to load and be stored in your cache.  The first image will show up and remain while the frame numbers repeatedly cycle - this is normal.  Motion will begin as more images are downloaded, and eventually an image will appear for each frame number.  Be patient!

Loading images, please stand by. Loop Mode:
Normal Sweep

Animate Frames:

Dwell First:
dec inc
Dwell Last:
dec inc

Adjust Speed:
-- ++

Advance One:
-1 +1
Frame No:
Frame Slider