BLIPMAP NAM-RUC Difference Viewer
Created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening  

Monthly average difference between NAM and RUC model forecasts

>   The ETA model was used for comparisons prior to 20 June 2006, when it was replaced by the NAM ("North American Mesoscale") model.  Since NAM results can differ significantly from ETA results, for evaluating NAM vs RUC differences only months after that date should be considered. 
>   The 12km NAM model grid is used for all comparisons:  the monthly average value at each NAM grid point has subtracted from it the monthly average value at the nearest RUC model grid point (20km resolution).
>   Due to differences in grid resolution between the models, the calculated parameter differences have much small-scale noise which should be ignored.  This is particularly noticeable near land-water boundaries, since those interface locations differ between models.  Due to the large differences that can occur in such cases, cut-off minima/maxima have been applied to some plots.
>  "Missing data" can occur near the outer boundaries due to locations not being covered by one of the two model region.  Such "missing data" is here plotted as a "zero" value. 
>   The forecast period used is the "latest" that I archive on each day, which for the RUC model is normally 6 hours and for the NAM model 6 and 9 hours for 18Z and 21Z validation times respectively.
>   If there is no available plot for a selected region/parameter/month, a "NO DATA" message should then appear after clicking the "INSERT MAP" button.  However, for some browsers the javascript then gets discombobulated and will not correctly load subsequent plot requests - if this occurs, reloading the viewer is necessary to view further plots.  (So if you are unable to load a plot which you think should exist, try reloading the viewer!)
>   New difference plots should be available on the second of each month.

(1) Select a region, month, and parameter
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(3) Repeat for additional region/month/parameter(s)
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